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Mod: Healing Campfire
17-08-2022, 15:20 11 640
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Mod: Healing Campfire

Little health, out of food? The situation is not the best. Now there is a mod Healing Campfire for this. With it, you can create special healing bonfires in Minecraft.

You can craft a Healing Campfire from coal, charcoal, wood and sticks. The recipe for creation is very simple:

Crafting a Healing Soul Campfire
Crafting a Healing Campfire

After creating such a bonfire, just place it in a convenient place. All players and creatures at a distance of up to four blocks will receive the corresponding effect.

Healing Campfire placed on the ground
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Healing Campfire (.mcpack)

[33.34 Kb] downloads: 302

Supported versions
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    Похоже на механику костра из террарии
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    не совсем полезно.
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