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Mod: Simple Structures

3-02-2022, 23:59 274 516
Mod: Simple Structures

Mod Simple Structures will diversify your world Minecraft with new natural structures that you will look for with pleasure and excitement, or vice versa, you will be afraid of them!

For the mod to work, you need to activate Experimental gameplay in editing the world.

This mod will add more than 50 new structures, new mobs, food, blocks and much more to the game!



Mod: Simple Structures

Desert Pyramid

The House of a Traveling Merchant


Abandoned house

Big abandoned house


Magma fault

Ruins of houses

The Mysterious Well

Water geyser



Palm trees

Dead trees

Apple trees


Dungeon Tower

There are different levels waiting for you inside the tower, each subsequent one will be more difficult than the previous one.


It can be found underground at the level of 10-50 blocks.

Large cacti


Forest stairs

Desert palm trees

Robbers Base

Pyramid in the jungle

Surface Dungeons

The Witch's House

Chalet in the forest

Head Statues

Fallen trees

Pirate ship

House on the marshes

A small totem pole in the desert

Orange trees

Piglin Fortress

Ruins of a house in the desert


Tree house in the jungle

Ruins of the tower

Abandoned castle


Dungeons in the Desert

Swamp willow


Small shaft shaft

Endermite nest

Broken Edge Ship

Fishing hut

Mesa Temple

Ghost Spawner Island

Large Igloo

The haunted house

Witches' Cauldrons

Mushroom House

Sea turtle Nest

Slime Cave

Storeroom cave

Excavation site

Pear tree

Peach tree

Lemon tree

Broken conductor

Dungeon of Angry Zombies

Cherry tree

Winter house

Meteorite impact site

Banana tree

Spider Cave (mini-boss structure)

Baby spiders and the Spider Queen will appear here. Contains spider nests, candles and a ton of cobwebs.

Logger's hut

Island with a castle

It is generated quite rarely in the sky over the bromes of the Forest, Plains, Taiga.

Excavator crane

Under this structure you can find Crypt.

Old Church Church

Appears with an old bell on top.

Piglin Camp

Bandit Camp

It can be found in forests, taiga and plains.

Hunter's Hut

It is found only in the taiga.


Orchard - a flat biome consisting of fruit trees and many flowers is an ideal food source!



Fills 2 divisions of hunger.

Golden Orange

Makes up for 4 divisions of hunger. Gives the effect of Regeneration II for 10 seconds and Absorption II for 2 minutes.


Makes up for 2.5 divisions of hunger.


Fills 2 divisions of hunger.


Makes up for 1 division of hunger. Gives the effect of Nausea for 7 seconds.


Makes up for 1 division of hunger.


Makes up for 2.5 divisions of hunger.


Makes up for 1.5 divisions of hunger.

Mysterious mushroom

Fills 1 strip of hunger.

Stew of mysterious mushrooms

Fills 3 hunger strips. Gives mysterious effects when eating. Crafting recipe:


Fills 2.5 strips of hunger. To break a coconut, place it in the crafting grid in the inventory or on the layout.



It has the same characteristics as a zombie, but deals 7 damage instead of 3. When attacking, it applies the blindness effect. Mummies can be found in a Desert Pyramid.


Decomposed Zombie


Angry Zombie

Twice as strong and faster than ordinary zombies.

Baby spider

Weak and with a low level of health, mostly distracting.

Spider Queen (mini boss)

It has the following features:

  • 350 HP;
  • Deals 12 damage;
  • Imposes a deceleration effect for 5 seconds per bite;
  • Summons baby spiders, spiders and cave spiders to attack the player;
  • The totem of immortality, diamonds, or both fall out;
  • For killing gives a large amount of experience.

Village lumberjack

Appears in Logger's Hut. Trades and buys wood, seedlings, etc. At night he will sleep in beds, like ordinary villagers. The trades are pre-blocked, just like the wandering trader, and destroying the Sawmill block will not change the trades. Currently does not turn into a zombie villager after death, so don't let them die!

Ethereal Knight

Appears in structure An island with a castle. Neutral mob. The damage from the mob will depend on which sword it appeared with. Imposes a levitation effect for 2 seconds for each hit. Becomes hostile to the player who opens the chest near him.

Crypt Crawler

Appears in the Crypt, has a very high movement speed and damage of 7 per hit.

Risebonic Catcher

Neutral towards the players, if not disturbed. You can bargain with them for hides and skins, but their trade will not be replenished. They will attack villagers, iron golems and bears. Experienced archers who can shoot 2 arrows at the same time in a short period of time and have 45 health units. Can be found in the structure of the Hunter's Hut.

The Rogue Wolf

Aggressive towards players and villagers. They have more health than ordinary wolves, due to the fact that they were tamed by robbers, and they have a fairly large supply of armor. They will avoid the iron golems and follow the robber captains.


Music plate

Can only be used in Jukebox+ (music machine).


In addition to new structures, new blocks will be added to the game:

  • Thorn Trap (block) – deals huge damage if stepped on;

  • Sand trap with spikes - located in desert pyramids (causes great damage if stepped on);

  • Mysterious Totem Block - can be found in the totem room;
  • Vase - located in the desert pyramids;
  • Apple leaves - found on apple trees;
  • Orange tree leaves - appear on orange trees;
  • Pear leaves - on pear trees;
  • Peach leaves - on peach trees;
  • Lemon leaves - on lemon trees;
  • Cherry leaves - on cherry trees;
  • Enraged cobblestone - found in the structure of "Enraged Dungeons";
  • Gift - can be found under the festive trees;
  • Ectoplasm - gives the effect of invisibility to a mob or a player standing on it;
  • Candle - created according to the recipe given below in the "Recipes" section;
  • Candle with a wall stand - made according to the recipe given below in the "Recipes" section;
  • Spider Nest - spawns 3 baby spiders if broken or interact with the nest, or hatch after a certain time;
  • A block of banana bulbs - when interacting with them, bananas and banana seeds fall out, bananas will also grow;
  • Blueberry bush - when interacting with it, blueberries fall out, and it can be grown;

  • Jukebox+ - used to play new music discs;

  • Sawmill - Village loggers will replenish stocks on it, has no other function;

  • Mysterious mushroom - found in swamps.

  • Coconut block - located on palm trees

  • The Old Bell is located on the tops of the Old Church Temple structure, rings every 2-5 minutes, or when the player interacts.

The loot will drop out only if the blocks are destroyed in survival mode.

You can get these blocks only by using the command /give @s.

Last update: v4.5 (February 3, 2022)

What's new?

  • The structure of the spider cave has been updated
  • Unused blocks have been removed
  • Fixed bugs
  • Improved structure generation

Supported versions
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