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Mod: Ruins Addon
13-04-2022, 15:08 12 250
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Mod: Ruins Addon

Mod Ruins Addon adds the generation of new structures to Minecraft. You will be able to find various ruins of mineral ores, the remains of houses, a temple, a castle and much more!

In editing the world, enable the experimental features.


Stone Castle

Flying castle

Flying castle in the air

Floating base

Base made of wood on water

Battle Tower Ruins

Ruins of the battle tower

Mineral ruins

High ruins of ores
Ore Ruins

Volcanic ruins

Volcanic ruins

Glowing Stone Dungeon

Danj made of stone and светокамня

Old ruins

Old ruins of the house
Old ruins of the tower
Destroyed house
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Ruins Addon (.mcaddon)

[193.86 Kb] downloads: 5261
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  1. Omny
    Топчик, мне нравятся подобные моды.
    Мод работает прекрасно спасибо автору
  3. Картошичка
    Люблю такие моды
    1. Мистер банан
      А он работает
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