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Mod: Missile And TNT
14-09-2022, 13:44 42 135
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Mod: Missile And TNT

Mod Missile And TNT Addon adds 20 new missiles and TNT blocks to Minecraft. All of them are functional and have unique behavior.

Enable the experiment features to use this addon.

Normal TNT and Missile

Crafting Normal TNT
Normal TNT and Missile
Explosion of the Normal TNT

TNTx5 and Missile

Crafting TNTx5 and Missile
TNTx5 and Missile and Missile
TNTx5  explosion

TNTx20 and Missile

Crafting TNTx20
TNTx20 and Missile
TNTx20 explosion

TNTx100 and Missile

Crafting TNTx100
TNTx100 and Missile
TNTx100 explosion

TNTx500 and Missile

Creates a huge explosion, which can lead to lags!

Crafting TNTx500
TNTx500 and Missile
TNTx500 explosion

Nuclear TNT and Missile

Activation of these blocks may cause the PC or smartphone to freeze. Use only on a powerful device!

Crafting a Nuclear TNT
Nuclear TNT and Missile
Explosion from Nuclear TNT in Minecraft

Nether TNT and Missile

The world of Nether will merge with the Overworld.

Nether TNT recipe craft
Nether TNT and Missile
The Nether in the Overworld

Animal TNT and missile

Summons all mobs and animals.

Crafting Animal TNT
Animal TNT and Missile
Lots of mobs at the night

Flat TNT and missile

Clears the area of blocks. Be careful when activating near your home!

Crafting Flat TNT
Flat TNT and Missile
Flat World

Lightning TNT and missile

Lightning will strike all mobs.

Lightning TNT Crafting
Lightning TNT and Missile
Lightning strikes mobs

Ender TNT and missile

Sets an area of 20x20x20 blocks into the air. Where is my home?

Crafting Ender TNT
Ender TNT and Missile
Piece of land in the air

Multiply TNT and missile

Creates and activates 9 dynamite blocks.

Crafting Multiply TNT
Multiply TNT and Missile
A lot of tnt blocks on the ground

Freeze TNT and missile

Creates an area of 20x20x20 blocks consisting of blocks of ice.

Crafting Freeze TNT
Freeze TNT and Missile
Ice blocks in the world

Fire TNT and missile

Sets fire to the area.

Crafting Fire TNT
There is a lot of fire in the Minecraft world

Ocean TNT and missile

Don't flood your house!

Crafting Ocean TNT
Ocean TNT and Missile
There is a lot of water in the Minecraft world

TNT Firework and missile

Crafting TNT Firework
TNT Firework and Missile
Fireworks in air

Infinity TNT and missile

When activated, it creates endless explosions.

Crafting Infinity TNT
Infinity TNT and Missile
Activated Infinity TNT

Lava TNT and missile

The perfect dynamite for trolling friends!

Crafting Lava TNT
Lava TNT and Missile
A lot of lava in Minecraft

Sandfirework TNT and missile

A pile of sand can fall on top of you!

Sandfirework TNT Crafting
Sandfirework TNT and Missile
A lot of sand in air

Ghost TNT and missile

When activated, it teleports to the nearest mob.

Crafting Ghost TNT
Ghost TNT and Missile
Activated Ghost TNT

Snow TNT and missile

Winter again!

Snow TNT Crafting
Snow TNT and Missile
Snow in a normal biome Minecraft

How to activate TNT?

Place the block on the ground.

Placed tnt on the ground

Then use the Flint and Steel to activate it.

Activated tnt and Flint and Steel

How to launch a Missile?

You can create a special Missile from the Crafting Table.

Crafting Missile from crafting table

Use this Missile block to get the desired block.

Missile UI for getting new blocks

Then craft a Target and Launcher.

Crafting launcher
Craft target

Place the Target in the right place and use the Launcher to launch the Missile.

After 25 seconds, it will activate!

Target block on the ground
The Missile is flying in the air
Activated Missile in Minecraft
Supported versions
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