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Mod: Too Much TNT
9-12-2021, 13:30 35 359
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Mod: Too Much TNT

Have you ever wanted to make TNT more destructive and have more dynamites in Minecraft? Mod Too Much TNT adds more new TNT blocks! Just like in the Too Much TNT mod for Java Edition: x5, x20, x100, x500, napalm, nuclear weapons, fast explosion, instant, cubic, small, dynamite and much more.

With this mod, 19 new dynamite blocks will appear in the game.

x5: explodes with damage equal to 5 normal TNT

Mod: Too Much TNT

x20: explodes with damage equal to 20 normal TNT

x100: explodes with damage equal to 100 normal TNT

x500: explodes with damage equal to 500 normal TNT

Napalm: explodes with damage equal to 10 normal TNT and causes fire

Nuclear weapons: explodes with damage equal to 1000 normal TNT and causes fire

Fast Bomb: explodes 1 second after arson

Instant Bomb: instant explodes after arson

Cubic TNT: the explosion forms a square crater

Little TNT: explosion of less force than conventional TNT

Dynamite: cast TNT

Dynamite x5: throwable TNT x5

Dynamite X20: thrown TNT x20

Dynamite x100: cast TNT x100

Dynamite x500: cast TNT x500

Napalm Dynamite: throwing napalm

Nuclear Dynamite: abandoned nuclear weapons

Cubic Dynamite: throwable cubic TNT

Little Dynamite: throwable little TNT

Last update: December 9, 2021.
What's new?
  • Added support for Minecraft 1.17 and 1.18
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Too Much TNT (.mcaddon)

[312.33 Kb] downloads: 12259
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  1. Андрей
    На 1.16.221 пойдет
    Я скачал е этот мод и октивировал, но нечего не призашло пожалуйста напишите как Нада его активировать.
  3. Влад
    Не открывается
  4. стример
    зделайте на 1.16.5 пж
  5. wertyu wert
    versija 1.18.1
    1. Leha
      На 1.18.1 работает?
    2. Www
      А понял
  6. wertyu wert
    ne dabojes
  7. Дебик
    Не работает
  8. Е125
    Мод хароший
    1. Ха ауменя
      Ха лохтуменя
  9. End Player
    Ха у меня версия а в будущем
    1. Хер
      Это рофл
  10. End Player
    Это у меня рабочий мод
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