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Mod: Trap
6-08-2021, 03:23 24 995
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Mod: Trap

Mod Trap will add to Minecraft new blocks that represent full-fledged traps, with which you can make fun of your friends in every way or catch mobs!

Trap workbench

To create traps, you will need a new workbench.

Trap Workbench

It is created as follows:

Recipe for creating a workbench for traps

False gender

If you stand on such a block, it will disappear, dropping the player or mobs down. It can be used to create secret passages.
  • grass trap
  • trap from the board
  • stone trap
  • snow trap
  • sand trap

Snow trap recipe
Board trap recipe
Stone trap recipe
Sand trap recipe
Herb trap recipe

Demonstration of traps:

trap demonstration
Trap demonstration 2
Trap demonstration 3
Trap demonstration 4
The Cadaver is trapped

Trap block

If a mob or a player falls into such a trap, then he will not be able to move for some time.

Trap block recipe
The block trap in action

Lava trap

If a mob or a player steps on a lava trap, he will fall down, where lava will appear.

Lava trap recipe
Lava trap in action

Electric trap

This trap strikes the entity with lightning bolts.

Electric trap recipe
Electric trap in action

Snow and ice trap

A snow trap deals damage, and with an ice trap, an entity can get stuck.

Snow trap recipe
Ice trap recipe
Snow trap in action
Ice trap in action

Dynamite trap

This is the most dangerous trap. If the entity steps on it, it will get a slowness effect and an explosion with a power of 15 dynamites will occur.

TNT trap recipe
TNT trap in action
Cadaver was trapped by dynamite
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Trap (.mcaddon)

[74.46 Kb] downloads: 8793
Supported versions
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  1. Хуйня мод
    Неработает что за хрень лимоно мод
  2. Гусь Олеговна
    Верстак для ловушек не открывается, что делать? (Майнкрафт пе 1.17.41)
  3. Иван к
    А в творческом ловушки доступны?
  4. Егоо
    ребята а как играть в минкрафт я новечек
    1. Иван
      Бедрок или Джава? Друзья есть? У них спроси, читай в интернете
  5. Айфран
    А что если верстак не крафтится
  6. Некит
    Сделайте ещё шыпы
  7. Vanes
    полезный модик, "держись друг, ибо ты не захочешь больше играть со мной" 😁
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