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Mod: The Wild Features
21-11-2021, 15:57 10 955
Biomes / Structures
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Mod: The Wild Features

Do you think that the game world generates too few natural structures and looks unnatural? Now, thanks to mod The Wild Features, the generation of wildlife in Minecraft will be improved many times!

Stone Paths

Stone and cobblestone paths are generated in all biomes.

Path from булыжника

The path from the mossy cobblestone:

The way from mossy булыжника

Mud paths are more often generated in those biomes that consist of grass and mud.

The path of hard mud

Mossy path:

The path of moss

Piles of stones

A pile of mossy stones булыжника


There are several variants and are generated in all biomes except desert biomes, wastelands and oceans.

Oak leaf bush
Spruce foliage bush
Birch foliage bush
Bush of jungle foliage
Acacia foliage bush
Azalea foliage bush

Wild trees

Wild birch tree
Wild Acacia tree


Swamp stump
Swamp stump near the river

Fallen logs

Fallen log
The fallen big log

More vegetation

More grass in the Minecraft world
More vegetation on the water
More colors in the world
Red fly agaric
Azalea flower
Dead bush under water
Hardball in the swamp
More fern in the world
More algae
Watermelon near the village
Mossy carpet
Pumpkin and flowers
More vegetation under water
Sweet berry bush

Dead corals

Coral Fan
Dead corals
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod The Wild Features (.mcpack)

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