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Mod: Billey’s Mobs
11-10-2021, 01:11 113 887
Animals / Survival / Mobs
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Mod: Billey’s Mobs

Mod Billey's Mobs will add 13 new mobs to Minecraft PE, among which there are both water and terrestrial, so it will be much more interesting to play now!

  • Health: 11.5
  • Damage: 5 + poisoning for 30 seconds
  • Attacks: cod, pizza fish and monsters, neutral to players
  • Appears in the oceans at night
  • Drop: Bones and cod
  • It has 6 variants and 1 rare gold variant, which has a drop of precious things
  • Emits light in the dark

Mod: Billey’s Mobs

  • Health: 20
  • Damage: 6 + poisoning for 15 seconds
  • Attacks: anglers, pizza fish, cod and monsters, neutral to players
  • Drop: cod and bones
  • Appears in the oceans

  • Health: 10
  • Damage: 2.5 + deceleration for 15 seconds
  • Attacks: cod, pizza fish and monsters, neutral to players
  • Drop: 1 hearts of the sea
  • Appears in the oceans

Killer whale
  • Health: 60
  • Damage: 8.5
  • Attacks: every 10 minutes the killer whale starves for 1 minute, at this time it attacks: anglers, pizza fish, sharks, cod and monsters, neutral to players
  • Drop: 1 hearts of the sea
  • Appears in the oceans

Zombie cats and skeleton cats
The difference between skeleton cats and zombies is that they can be tamed with the help of An Outgrowth of the Nether World, tamed cats will bring random items from the Nether after awakening.
  • Wild:
    • Health: 4 hearts
    • Damage: 2 hearts
    • Attacks: cats and players (sometimes)
    • Appears in the jungle at night
    • Burning in the Sun
    • Zombie cats can be tamed with fish or threads
  • Tamed:
    • Health: 10
    • Do not attack ordinary cats

  • Health: 3
  • It appears in biomes of the plain and in flower forests
  • Poops every 10 minutes
  • 0 damage from falls
  • Wild:
    • They can walk and fly
    • Can be tamed with seeds, carrots or bread
    • Runs away from players
  • Tamed:
    • Can't fly
    • You can treat with seeds, carrots or bread

  • Poop:
    • Drop white dye

Pizza fish
  • Health: 5
  • Friendly with everyone!
  • Other fish eat it in pieces
  • Appears near coral reefs

Great White shark
  • Health: 35
  • Damage: 7.5
  • Attacks: anglers, merkats, swordfish, pizza fish, cod, and monsters
  • Drop: cod and bones
  • Appears in the oceans
  • Three types:
    • Timid: afraid of players
    • Hostile: Attacking players
    • Neutral: neutral to players

Ender Cats
  • Wild:
    • Health: 8
    • Damage: 2
    • Attacks: Cats and players (sometimes)
    • Appear in the jungle at night and in the End dimension
    • Teleport to random places
    • Tamed by the fruits of the corus
  • Tamed:
    • Health: 16
    • Calm with ordinary cats
    • After waking up, random items are brought from the End

  • Appears in coral reefs
  • Attacks: drowned and pizza fish
  • They eat everything marine, except sea cucumbers
  • Tamed by the things he eats
  • The level increases over time, but you can feed
  • Level 1:
    • Health: 2
    • Damage: 0.5
    • Can live without water for only 15 seconds
  • level 2:
    • Health: 4
    • Damage: 1.5
    • Lays a sea cucumber every 10-20 minutes
    • Can live without water for 10 minutes
    • Drop: marine items
  • Level 3:
    • Health: 8
    • Damage: 3.5
    • Can live without water
    • Lays a sea cucumber every 5-10 minutes

Angel cats
  • Two options: Normal and Cat End
  • Ordinary:
    • Scare phantoms, spiders and creepers
    • Drop: Phantom membrane
    • Tamed by fish
    • Have all the options of ordinary cats
    • Appear in the jungle
  • End:
    • Appear in the End dimension and at night in the jungle
    • They can teleport
    • Tamed by the fruits of the corus

  • Spawn – billey:duck
  • Health – 3 hearts
  • You can wear hats
  • 7 options (1 secret)
  • Croaking animation
  • They appear in swamps, rivers and lakes
  • They sleep together with the owner or in a random place at night, you can wake them up if you get very close
  • It can be bred, treated and tamed with seeds and carrots
  • Ducks and banana ducks are allies and will protect each other
  • Tamed versions automatically attack monsters that the owner attacked
  • Wild versions of ducks are hostile to anyone holding chicken, feathers or fried chicken
  • You can put armor on ducks, but only on those ducks that you have tamed
  • Use dirt to remove armor
  • See the section Items for information about each Duck Armor item.

The picture below shows a pigeon in a hat, a penguin in a hat, a banana duck in a hat and all variants of pigeons.

Angel pig
  • Spawn – billey:flyingpig
  • Health – 15 hearts wild version, 20 hearts tamed
  • Rarely appears on the plains, but a little more often in flower forests
  • Damage – 4 hearts
  • Tamed with golden carrots
  • When you attack a wild Angel pig, all the wild Angel pigs turn dark brown with red eyes and start attacking you
  • Applies the effect of Desiccation and Levitation to monsters from any mod.

Desiccated cat

The same behavior as a zombie cat, but they have options, and the only way to get them is to use a potion on a cat or a skeleton cat. Spawn – billey:zombified_cat.

  • Spawn – billey:penguin
  • Health – 8.5 hearts
  • You can wear a hat
  • Damage – 2.5 hearts
  • Neutral
  • They can be both in water and on land
  • Penguins have a random chance to get a 10-second speed boost or break the ice under them to get to the water
  • Tamed penguins will hunt fish and pizza fish
  • They are tamed, bred and treated using raw cod, salmon or clown fish (adult versions are tamed by clown fish, and small penguins are tamed and raised by raw cod and salmon.

  • Spawn – billey:snail
  • Health – 4 wild hearts, 8 tamed hearts
  • When killing, nothing is dropped
  • They rarely appear on the plains in small groups, usually in small groups in rivers and in large groups in the jungle
  • 256 color combinations and three types (Weak Snail, Slow Snail and Poisonous Snail)
  • Baby snails acquire the color and type of one of the parents
  • Tamed versions fight mobs for you, but it will take several snails to kill at least one zombie
  • Snails increase their stats if any angel mob is nearby
  • Fall asleep anywhere (can be woken up by dealing damage or interacting with her)
  • They are tamed by the following items – any type of foliage, mushrooms of the Overworld, apple, wheat, sea cucumber, a block of bark that you get when creating from 4 logs, grass (not a block with grass), a block of flowers.

  • Spawn – billey:piranha
  • Health – 2 hearts
  • Damage – 0-1.5 hearts and Slowing I for a second
  • They appear in lakes and swamps in groups of 3-5 pieces and in rivers, less often in oceans in groups of 5-7 pieces
  • Every 10-60 seconds, a piranha will attack the nearest mob (unless it's another piranha)
  • Other mobs do not attack piranha
  • With a fish sword (see the "Items" section), you can immediately kill 5 piranhas
  • Piranhas eat their dead brethren so as not to litter the ocean. Piranhas also eat any drop that has fallen from vanilla sea abodes
  • Tamed versions of the piranha are immune to damage from the Fish Sword, it will only get bigger
  • When killing, nothing falls, unless she ate a drop from another fish before she died.

Banana ducks
  • Health – 4 hearts
  • You can wear a hat
  • They are tamed, lured, bred and treated with fertilizer
  • Do not take damage from falling
  • Bananas don't fall off them!
  • Appear anywhere on the sand
  • Tamed versions attack all mobs you attack
  • Sleep at night (wake up if you get too close)
  • They are capable of wearing Duck armor (see the section "Items - Duck Armor").

  • Health – 3 hearts
  • Must appear on coral reefs
  • The texture of sea cucumber is used
  • They are tamed and treated with sea pizza
  • After taming, you can ride him on horseback
  • When surfacing above the surface on the Kukumbele, it gives the effect of water breathing for 5 seconds
  • He himself does not attack anyone
  • Glows a little in the dark.

Cucumber cat
  • Must appear on coral reefs
  • Attacks and kills a Drowned Person in 2 strikes, while the Drowned Person does not have time to strike a single blow
  • 3 natural color options, but can be dyed with dyes
  • You can ride, but not in the water
  • Does not attack a Drowned Person when riding
  • The wild version can only breathe underwater (tamed versions breathe both in water and on land)
  • They are tamed with sea pizza or raw fish
  • Bring sea items while you sleep
  • Everything else is like a vanilla cat.

Velvet worm
  • Health – 5 hearts
  • Damage – 3 hearts, drops velvet slime when attacking
  • Tamed by fermented spider eyes, treated, divorced and lured by spider eyes and putina
  • You can wear duck armor
  • Attacks everything that is marked as "spider", "scaly", "insect" or "arthropods", except tamed
  • They can break the web
  • It appears at light levels 5-8 in biomes of pigs, cows and chickens.
  • Velvet slime is an item that drops out when the velvet worm attacks. All items made of velvet slime can be used if experiments are enabled. Velvet slime creates Balls of velvet slime that can be thrown like snowballs (5 seconds recharge)
  • Velvet blocks of slime – see the section Recipes. /function billeyblocks gives all kinds of blocks of velvet slime

  • Health – 1.5 hearts
  • It appears in deserts on top of sand, in savannas on top of grass and underground in deserts and savannas on top of stone at any light level
  • They are tamed with seeds and carrots
  • There are many different colors, and white ones can be painted
  • A hamster can be placed in a Hamster Ball (crafted from a Blue glass block and a piece of funny dust)
  • Hamsters are invulnerable in hamster balls, but the ball can break from two blows, except for damage from potions.

  • Health – 6 hearts
  • Damage – 3 hearts
  • They attack everyone who is different from Geese
  • Do not appear naturally
  • Can be tamed with melon or melon seeds
  • It is planned to add new variants of Geese.


/function billeyitems
  • Gives the closest player items from the add-on, with the exception of crafting ingredients and summoning eggs.

/function nearduckrideables
  • Makes the nearest tamed duck riding and controlled with a Fish Sword, but there is another way to get a riding duck without using commands.

/function nearbananaduckrideable
  • Makes the nearest tamed banana duck riding and controlled with a Fish Sword, but there is another way to get a riding banana duck without using commands.


The recipes at the end of this page or in the recipe book are for blocks of velvet slime, because blocks cannot be added to the inventory/recipe book for creativity.

NOTE: some of the items may be at the end of the category with the bed icon, and not in the middle of the nature category like most other items.

Sea pizza:

  • Dropped from Pizza Fish
  • A small chance to give the effect of Slowness or make you invulnerable for a few seconds
  • Used to tame most fish
  • The command to get is billey:pizzapiece.

Swordfish meat:

There are 2 types of meat - fillet and swordfish steak.

Fillet of swordfish:
  • Can be cooked in swordfish steak
  • Fills 1.5 hunger points
  • There is a small chance of getting a deadly poison
  • Drops from Swordfish
  • The command to get is billey:swordmeat.

Swordfish Steak:
  • Fills 3.5 hunger points
  • Takes less time to eat than regular vanilla food
  • There is a small chance to get Underwater breathing
  • The command to get is billey:swordcooked.

Fish Sword:

The recipe is at the end of this page. Deals 13 hearts of damage to fish, killer whales, cucumber pets, penguins, but not yet cucumber cats. From a fish sword, you can cook a swordfish steak. The command to get is billey:swordfish.

Duck Armor:

Leather – takes 10% less damage.

Gold – takes 20% less damage.

Chainmail – 25% less damage.

Iron – 30% less damage.

Diamond – 40% less damage.

Netherite - 50% less damage.

End Rod – Allows ducks to take 60% less damage and shoot enemies with End Rod.

Bird hat:
  • billey:pet_hat
  • Can be worn on ducks, banana ducks, penguins and pigeons. You can take it off by trying to put on another hat while the mob is already wearing another hat.


Since version 1.16.100, this section has become almost useless because they appeared in the recipe book in the game itself, with the exception of velvet slime blocks, because blocks cannot be added to the inventory of creative mode and the recipe book.

Green arrows are not part of the recipe!

Last update: v4.1.1 (October 11, 2021)
What's new?
  • Wild ducks can now sleep at night
  • A duck hat can no longer be created, now it falls from a rare zombie with a hat on his head
  • Banana ducks can now be tamed, bred and fed
  • Now you can make bone meal from two snail shells
Last version: v4.1.1
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download mod Billey’s Mobs (.mcaddon)
[2.28 Mb] downloads: 15453
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