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Mod: World Animals
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Mod: World Animals

The world of Minecraft is the most amazing place. In each biome, you can find something unique, and the seeds generate unique worlds. But let's agree that there are too few animals in this giant cubic world. If you agree with this opinion, then you definitely need to install this addon.

The World Animals mod adds many new animals to MCPE. Many of them are aggressive, but you can also tame them to protect you. In addition, the add-on adds new blocks, items, and tools.

Enable experimental gameplay features. If you are playing on version 1.18.10 and above, you need to install the Block-Geo Fixer mod, otherwise block models and textures will be displayed incorrectly.

nabling experimental features in the animal mod

Mod Review

Golden Bone

The golden bone is necessary for taming some animals. It is crafted from 8 gold nuggets and 1 bone.

Golden Bone recipe craft


These giant creatures can be found in Savannah and Jungle biomes. They are fed Sugar Cubes. Tame them with a golden bone. By equipping a special Elephant Saddle, you can ride these huge animals. You can also use an elephant with a saddle as a chest and store your materials in it.

  • Health: 70
  • Damage: 7
  • Two types: Asian and African
  • Tamed with a Golden Bone
  • Requires an Elephant Saddle

Mod: World Animals

Elephant Saddle:


Mammoths do not appear naturally in the world, but they can be created using DNA. Create a syringe and obtain DNA from an Elephant. From Elephant DNA, you can create Mammoth DNA, which needs to be injected into an elephant, after which it will turn into a Mammoth. You can tame Mammoths with a golden bone and put an elephant saddle on them.

Mammoth in Minecraft


DNA crafting recipes


Appear in forest biomes, there are 2 types: brown and black. Bears cannot be tamed.

  • Health: 30
  • Damage: 6
  • Two types: Brown and Black
  • Cannot be tamed

Black bear

Big Cats

There are 7 different types of Big Cats available. You can tame them and ride them by equipping a special cat saddle.

Lions and White Lions

  • Health: 50
  • Damage: 7
  • Appear in Savannah and Jungle biomes

Lion in Minecraft

Tigers and White Tigers

  • Health: 40
  • Damage: 7
  • Appear in plains

Tigers and baby tiger


  • Health: 40
  • Damage: 7
  • Appear in Savannah and Jungle biomes

Snow Leopard

  • Health: 40
  • Damage: 7
  • Appear in snowy biomes


  • Health: 40
  • Damage: 7
  • Appear in Savannah and Jungle biomes

Panthers in Minecraft


  • Health: 40
  • Damage: 7
  • Appear in mountainous areas
  • Saddle for Big Cats:


Crocodiles can be found in swamps, they cannot be tamed, and they are very aggressive!

  • Health: 20
  • Damage: 14
  • Drop: 1-3 reptile skin

Crocodile in swamp


They can be found in Forest biomes.

  • Health: 25
  • Passive animals
  • Feeds on wheat, apples, and golden carrots
  • Two types
  • Cannot be tamed

Deers in Minecraft


Appears in forests.

Squirrel on tree


Hedgehogs can be found in forest biomes, tamed with a golden bone.

  • Health: 25
  • Damage: 3
  • Feeds on wheat, apples, and carrots
  • Can equip a Hat on a tamed hedgehog

Hedgehog in Minecraft 
Hedgehog with hat

To craft a hat, you will need 3 wool and 3 coal.

Craft hat for hedgehog


There are 2 types of Aardvarks: regular and Perry the Platypus from the Phineas and Ferb cartoon. You can tame Aardvarks and feed them different types of fish. You can also equip a hat with the same features as the Hedgehog.

  • Health: 15
  • Damage: 3



They appear in Savannah and Jungle biomes. They can be tamed, and they feed on wheat, apples, and golden carrots. Giraffes will protect themselves from any wild animals.

  • Health: 50
  • Damage: 9

Giraffe Saddle:

Giraffe saddle recipe craft 
Giraffe with saddle


Gorillas can only be found in jungle biomes. They can be tamed and fed watermelons and bananas. Once tamed, they will protect you from any enemies.

  • Health: 35
  • Damage: 7
  • Drop: 1-3 bananas


  • They are found in jungles
  • Tamed with a golden bone
  • Can be fed bananas and watermelons

Chimpanzees in Minecraft

You can equip a astronaut costume on a tamed chimpanzee.

Chimpanzee with astronaut costume 
Astronaut costumes recipe craft

Komodo Dragon

Appear in Savannah and Desert biomes. Tamed with a golden bone and fed any type of meat. A tamed Komodo Dragon will protect you from any enemies.

  • Health: 35
  • Damage: 5 and applies Poison effect for 10 seconds
  • Drop: Reptile skin

Komodo Dragon


Appear in frozen biomes. They feed on any type of fish and can be tamed with a golden bone. A tamed seal will protect you from enemies.

  • Health: 25
  • Damage: 3



In frozen biomes, penguins appear. They can be fed any kind of fish and tamed with a golden bone.

A tamed penguin will protect you from enemies.

  • Health: 20
  • Damage: 3

Penguin in Minecraft


Appear in savannas and jungles.

  • Health: 50
  • Damage: 9
  • They can be tamed with a golden bone
  • They can be healed with wheat, golden apples, and golden carrots


Tamed rhinos will protect you from hostile mobs. You can ride them with a saddle and increase their attack strength to 18 units.

Rhino with saddle

Saddle for rhinos:

Rhino saddle recipes


Can be found in savannas and jungles.

  • Passive mobs
  • Cannot be tamed

Zebras in Minecraft

Zebra skins can be used to create decorative blocks.

Crafting zebra leather decor


Appear in savanna biomes. You can put a saddle on a tamed ostrich and ride it. They can also store items for you. They can be fed with wheat, apples, and golden carrots.

  • Health: 50
  • Damage: 7
  • Drop: feathers and raw ostrich meat

Ostrich in the Savannah

Saddle for ostrich:

Saddle for ostrich recipe craft 
The player is riding an ostrich


This birds appear in savannas.

  • Health: 4
  • Passive mobs
  • Cannot be tamed
  • Can be fed with seeds

Kiwi animal


Fly all over the Minecraft world, but you can only find them in ocean biomes. They only attack fish and cannot be tamed.

  • Health: 10
  • Damage: 6
  • Drop: feathers


Wild boar

Can be found in savannas and jungles. They behave similarly to pigs but are more aggressive towards players. They drop raw pork when killed.

Wild boar


You can feed rats with cheese cooked from milk buckets in a furnace.

Rat in Minecraft 
Cheese recipe craft


Live in ocean biomes. They are always aggressive and attack players. There are four types of sharks:

Blue shark:

Blue shark

Hammerhead shark:

Hammerhead shark

Great white and tiger sharks:

Great white and tiger sharks

Shark sword:

Shark sword recipe craft

You can obtain Shark Teeth from them, which are required to craft the Shark Sword (6.5 damage).

Dolphins and orcas are aggressive and appear in ocean biomes.

Dolphins in Minecraft 

Crabs appear near oceans and beaches. They are aggressive towards players and drop crab meat.

Crabs in Minecraft 
Cooking crab meat


Manta Ray

Manta Ray



Shrimps can be cooked in a furnace to be used as food.

Shrimp cooking

In addition to just cooked shrimp, you can make shrimp in dough, which provides a stronger hunger recovery.

Mollusks can be found in ocean biomes, but they are extremely rare.

Mollusks in Minecraft

You can collect pearls from mollusks, which are necessary to craft a new sword.

Iguanas and land turtles

Monkeys can be found in any forest biomes. They are fed and tamed with bananas.


Appear in jungles and savannas. They can be tamed with bones.

You can put a scarf on a tamed penguin or caracal.

To start, create a White Scarf from 4 blocks of any wool and 2 strings.

Then, you can dye the White Scarf using the desired dye.


  • Live in savannas
  • They are aggressive creatures and cannot be tamed


  • Can be found in jungles, swamps, and savannas
  • Cannot be tame
  • Can be fed with watermelons
  • They will defend themselves if attacked


Banana tree 
Ruby tree

Ruby and citrine ore

You can find a new ore in caves. It can be used to create new armor sets, tools, and blocks.

New armor in Minecraft 
New tools in inventory

Crafting recipes with Ruby:

Recipes from ruby

Crafting recipes with Citrine:

Recipes from citrine

Last updated: June 11, 2022.

What's new?

  • New animals: Raccoons and Hippos
  • The color of crab, hyena, and iguana roe will match the respective animal's color.

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