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Mod: TerraEnhance
3-09-2021, 17:12 21 605
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Mod: TerraEnhance

Do you already know all the game biomes and are you bored of exploring them in Minecraft? The TerraEnhance add-on was based on a variety of mods from Java and now with this mod, more than 15 new biomes will appear in the game. There are extreme jungles and extreme hills in the jungle, onion and meadow forest, northern forest and cold northern forest, thicket and hills in the thickets, desert highlands and canyon, snow forest and snow forest highlands, glacier and ice canyon, mossy shore, forest plateau, deep river and deep frozen river

Be sure to enable the ability to create custom biomes in the world settings.

Extreme jungle and extreme hills in the jungle

This biome consists of granite, mud and jungle trees.

Extreme Jungle
Extreme Jungle in Minecraft

Meadow and meadow forest

This is a fairly flat biome with new species of oak and birch trees, dandelions, cornflowers and grass. Monsters will not spawn in this biome, which makes it an ideal place to build. A meadow is a subshell that will be generated around a Meadow Forest without trees.

Meadow in Minecraft
Flower field in Minecraft

Northern and cold northern forest

Here you can find large dense coniferous trees and spruce bushes. If you do not have enough spruce wood, then you will definitely like the place. The cold northern forest is different in that it is covered with snow.

Northern Forest in Minecraft

Thicket and hills in thickets

A dense forest biome consisting of tall oaks and oak bushes.

thicket in Minecraft

Desert Highlands and canyon

These biomes resemble the wasteland biome, only they consist of smooth sandstone, and there is also a slightly different height. A large amount of lapis lazuli is generated in these biomes.

Desolate mesa
Canyon in Minecraft

Snow Forest and snow Forest highlands

This is a variant of the forest biome, only it is covered with snow, often generated near the tundra biome.

Snow Forest in Minecraft

Glacier and Ice Canyon

A huge wasteland consisting of ice. If you need a lot of ice, then this place is perfect for resource extraction.

Glacier in Minecraft
Ice Canyon in Minecraft

Mossy shore

In such places there is a lot of cobblestone and cobblestone with moss.

Mossy shore

Forest plateau

The forest plateau is at a higher altitude level.

Forest plateau in Minecraft

Deep rivers

These rivers are deeper and wider than ordinary Minecraft rivers. There is a variant consisting of ice.

Deep river in Minecraft

Volcanic taiga and Volcanic taiga Hills

These biomes are inspired by Yellowstone. There are hot springs, tall fir trees, calcite.

Volcanic taiga in Minecraft
Biome Volcanic taiga in Minecraft

Creepy forest and Creepy forest hills

Biomes were inspired by the Halloween holiday. It is a dense forest with yellow and orange foliage on the trees. Pumpkins can be found in large numbers, and a lot of cobwebs and mushrooms are also generated here. You will be able to meet bats, and witches will appear often. The biome itself is surrounded by thick fog, which adds even more gloom.

Creepy forest
Biome of the creepy forest in Minecraft

Flower Plains

An unusual biome, which is very similar to the usual biome of the plains, but differs in that it has a lot of colors.

Flower plains
Flower Plains in Minecraft

Diverse forest

Firs, oaks, and birches are generated in one biome at once. This is an ideal place to extract the necessary resources in large quantities!

Biome of various trees in Minecraft

Fantasy forest

A rare biome in which huge flowers, mushrooms, many unusual trees are generated, and the landscape itself is very diverse.

Fantasy forest
Fantasy Forest in Minecraft

Temperate forest

A flat biome with huge trees and giant pumpkins. It has a faint orange mist and green spore particles.

Temperate forest in Minecraft

Known errors
  • On some devices, the colors of foliage, grass and fog may be incorrect
  • Be sure to activate the resource set, otherwise you will receive an incompatibility message
  • Sometimes the set will be incorrectly applied to the world, biomes will not appear, if this happens, then create another new world, this should solve the problem

Last update: September 3, 2021.
What's new?
  • The mod's logo has been updated
  • Cold northern forests are now generated less frequently
  • Extreme jungles are now generated less frequently
  • Slightly increased the height of mossy shores
  • Improved generation of Cold forests
  • Fantasy Forest added
  • New biomes of Volcanic Taiga and Volcanic Taiga Hills have been added
  • Added the Creepy Forest biome
  • Added flower plains
  • Added a diverse forest
Supported versions
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