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Mod: Mowzie's Mobs
19-05-2022, 21:23 219 204
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Mod: Mowzie's Mobs

Mod Mowzie's Mobs for Minecraft PE is a port of the same mod from Minecraft: Java Edition. With this addon, new creatures and mobs will appear in the game world that will create an amazing atmosphere, you will also be able to fight them to get new items, but remember that some of them are very strong!

Mod settings
There are two modes available in the mod — Low Detail and Normal mode with "jumping blocks".

Setting up the Mowzie's Mobs mod

Enable the experiment functions before launching the world.


These monsters hiding among the trees live in the jungle and love to eat anything that happens to be near them! Do not get too close to them, because they bite very painfully.

Foliaf in the world of Minecraft

Foliaf seeds fall from them. Plant the seed in the ground and feed the baby meat every half day for two days. After that, the baby will become an adult, but he will not be your pet!

Foliath Seed

Ferrous Wroughtnaut

Ferrous Wroughtnaut spawns in a special structure that can be found in caves. Finding it is quite difficult, but if you do it, you will be able to find a huge boss knight in it!

Ferrous Wroughtnaut

Ferrous Wroughtnaut is in "hibernation", but if you get too close to it in survival mode, it will wake up and immediately start attacking you!

Ferrous Wroughtnaut sleeps

This is a very powerful boss. It can kill with a single hit if you are not equipped with armor.

Ferrous Wroughtnaut woke up


These humanoid creatures live in the savannah and move in groups. Some use bones as batons, while others use poisoned tubes.

Each hunting pack is led by a Barakoa elite wielding a spear and shield. The Baracoa make crossing the savannah quite dangerous, as they can quickly surround their prey and give a good chase.

Baracoa in the group

Masks fall out of them, which you can put on and get useful effects, as well as protection.

Mask on player

Barako, the Sun Chief

A new boss, who can be found in the village of Barako. This structure, which is a small village, appears very rarely in the savannah.

Village Барако

The boss himself is sitting on the throne and sleeping, but if you get too close to him in survival mode, he will wake up and immediately start attacking!

Boss Barako

The boss is very strong, and his assistants will also help him. You can't do it without preparation!

Attack of boss Barako, Chief of the Sun

Defeat the boss and get the Sun Mask. It gives two protections, and if you put it on your head, and then use the mask of the servants, then a group from Baracoa will appear next to you, which will follow you and help.

Sun Mask


This is a giant and very dangerous creature that appears in snowy biomes.

Frostmaw sleeps

Frostmaw has a huge size and moves quickly. He can use ice breath as an attack.

Attack of the Frostmaw

The beast guards a precious ice crystal that can be used as a powerful weapon.

Ice Crystal in Minecraft


A cave creature. Damage to the Grottol can only be done with an iron or better pickaxe. After his death, experience and a diamond fall from him.

Animation of Grottula's death


Lanterns will spawn in Extreme mountains.

Lantern in Minecraft

The lanterns have elaborate motion animation, and at night they glow!

Lantern animation at night

They drop Jelly, which gives the effect of Night Vision for one minute when eaten.


They are very dangerous because they are able to fly and attack with poison. They appear in the following biomes: savannah, extreme mountains, over the ocean, in mountains and on beaches.

Naga dragon in the Savanna

New recipes

Naga Fang Dagger deals three damage.

Naga Fang Dagger recipe

Painted Acacia tree

Recipe for painted acacia tree

Anti-Poison Potion

Anti-Poison Potion craft

You can arrange a real boss fight! The fights look very epic!

Boss fight

Last update: v1.6 (May 19, 2022)
What's new?
  • Added Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil) translation
  • Added support for 1.18.31 and 1.18.32
  • Improved structures
  • Fixed animations
  • Fixed bugs
  • Fixed particles
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Mowzie's Mobs (.mcaddon)

[11.25 Mb] downloads: 2245

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