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Mod: Unique Structure Loot
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Mod: Unique Structure Loot

Have the old structures become boring? Then you need to install mod Unique Structure Loot, which will add unique loot and new mechanics to the structures.

Underwater ruins

In the Underwater Ruins, you can find an Aquatic Embryo summoning a baby dolphin. He will follow you.

Underwater ruins and the baby dolphin


Find Curing Kit here to heal the Zombie inhabitants without wasting Golden Apples and Weakness Potions.

The Igloo and medkit


The Dark Amulet takes away some of the health, but summons a zombie minion. It does not burn in the sun and will protect you.

Zombie minion and dungeon

Desert Temple

Find a Dusty Lamp to summon pet!

Desert pyramid and gin lamp


You can find an Encrusted Hammer. During an attack on mobs, there is a chance of drio emeralds.

Woodland Mansion

Fang Gauntlets deal 3 damage, and if you pinch on the screen, you will summon jaws.

Woodland Mansion and Fang Gauntlets

Nether Fortress

Here you can find new armor that is almost similar to iron, but has infinite fire resistance.

Nether fortress and armor

Piglin Bastion

Holding a Gilded Arrow in your hands will summon a Nightmare hovering behind you. And when interacting with a Gilded Arrow, he will start shooting fireballs.

Bastion, gilded arrow, and Nightmare

Ruined Portal

Find the Glowstone Totem and use it up to three times to trap hostile mobs for 10 seconds.

Nether portal, totem

Abandoned Mineshaft

Find Heavy Boots in the chests of the mines. When they fall, they cause a shock wave, destroying the stones.

Mines and heavy boots

Pillager Outpost

Use the Illager Warhorn to get the effect of a Bad Omen for a few seconds. If used repeatedly, a raid will begin in the village.

Horn and Outpost

Jungle Temple

Jawsprout can be planted and grown. Bone meal can accelerate growth.

An adult Jawsprout will attack hostile mobs.

jungle temple and jaw sprouts


Find the Scaly Saddle to summon the Giant Silverfish. You can ride on it.

The Stronghold and Giant Silverfish

Buried Treasure

Now you can find a Ship in a Bottle, when you open it, a boat with an octopus will appear.

Boat with octopus and buried treasure

You can upgrade to a Glowing version by using 4 glowing ink sacs in a crafting table.

treasures with a boat with a shining octopus

End City

The End Armor will now be found in the chests of the End City. It gives invulnerability, and it can be painted in the workbench.

End City and Armor End


Here you will find Tentacutlass that are similar in damage to an iron sword, but have less strength. Give the effect of Resistance during an attack.

Ship and Tentacutlass

Ancient City

In the Ancient city you can meet a Sculk Statue, which you can feed the sculk and get a little XP in return.

Ancient city and Sculk Statue
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