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Mod: Super Apples Addon
14-06-2022, 11:57 9 255
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Mod: Super Apples Addon

Unfortunately, developers have not been adding new food that would give effects for a long time. This mod will add a variety of apples with unique effects to Minecraft.

Super Apples adds 9 new unique apples and recipes, including the enchanted apple recipe.

New apples

Redstone Apple
  • Gives durability for 70 seconds, fire resistance for 70 seconds and strength of 3 for 16 seconds
  • To create, you need 8 blocks of red stone and one apple

Crafting a redstone apple

Iron Apple
  • Gives invisibility for 15 seconds and durability 2 for 60 seconds
  • To create it, you need 4 iron blocks, 4 iron ingots and one apple

Crafting an iron apple

Emerald Apple
  • Gives the village hero effect for 60 seconds
  • To create it, you will need 8 emeralds and one apple

Crafting the Emerald Apple

Lapis lazuli apple
  • Gives out conductor effects for 90 seconds, fire resistance for 30 seconds, night vision for 30 seconds, speed 8 and underwater breathing for 3 minutes
  • To create it, you need 4 lapis lazuli blocks, 4 lapis lazuli and an apple

Crafting a lapis lazuli apple

Diamond Apple
  • Gives invulnerability for 20 seconds
  • Created from 8 diamond blocks and an apple

Crafting a diamond apple

Super golden apple
  • It produces a lot of effects that you can see for yourself
  • Created from 8 gold blocks and an enchanted apple

Crafting a super apple

  • Gives out rush 2 and night vision for 3 minutes
  • It is created from 8 blocks of a lightstone and an apple

Crafting a glowing apple

Obsidian apple
  • Gives absorption 3 for a minute, fire resistance for a minute, durability 4 for 50 seconds, slowness 2 for 40 seconds and underwater breathing for 30 seconds
  • Created from 4 obsidians, 4 crying obsidians and an apple

Crafting an obsidian apple

Non-jade apple
  • Gives 15 extra health hearts
  • It is created from 4 non-merite ingots, 4 non-merite scraps and an apple

Crafting a non-fruit apple

Enchanted Apple recipe
  • Created from 8 gold blocks and an apple

Crafting an Enchanted Apple
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Super Apples (.mcaddon)

[94.59 Kb] downloads: 3362
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