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Mod: Not Mowzie's Mobs
29-01-2022, 00:25 34 446
Bosses / Mobs
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Mod: Not Mowzie's Mobs

If you have played with the mod Mowzie's Mobs and you liked the creatures from it, then for sure you will like this addon too! Mod Not Mowzie's Mobs adds several new mobs to Minecraft.

In the settings of the world, enable all the experimental features.

Netherite Wroughtnau

A very strong mob, representing a full-fledged boss. It has three types of attack. It will be difficult to defeat him, but the main tactic is to stab him in the back when he sticks the hammer into the ground.

Nezerite Guardian
Items and non - cerite босс

Savanna foliaath

It hides underground, but if you get too close, the foliach will pull its head out of the ground and start trying to bite.

Mob savansky bush
Predatory plant in Minecraft

Red naga

Naga is dangerous because she can fly fast and inflict poisonous attacks.

Red naga in Minecraft
Flying naga
Supported versions
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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