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Mod: Pocket Creatures
11-08-2016, 02:40 90 478
Animals / Mobs
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Mod: Pocket Creatures

Creator: all_gonza
Mod Pocket Creatures adds 53 new animals to Minecraft Pocket Edition. With this mod you will see all living creatures, ranging from mammoths, ostriches and ravens to sea creatures such as the white shark. All the animals got amazing textures, so they look like in real life!


If you find yourself in a biome called Savannah, then be sure to look for elephants! They can be trained and used for riding.

You can feed an elephant to tame it with a piece of sugar. As soon as you see red hearts above it, you can safely press the saddle on it to put it on. After that, you can tap on it to climb. at him.
  • Elephant Spawn (ID - 2800)
  • Elephant saddle (ID - 2747) - 2 skins + 5 old wool blocks + 2 iron ingots
  • A piece of sugar (ID - 2748) - 1 sugar

There are two types of elephants in mod. These are light gray Asian and dark gray African.


The mammoth is the oldest animal that has lived on Earth for a long time. But in Minecraft, the REoni still live. They have similar traits to elephants, such as the ability to tame and ride it.

Tap on the mammoth with sugar to try to tame it. If you do everything right, then red hearts will appear above it. Now you can place the saddle and ride it!
  • Mammoth Spawn (ID - 2833)
  • Elephant Saddle (ID - 2747) - 2 skins + 5 white wool blocks + 2 iron ingots
  • A piece of sugar (ID - 2748) - 1 sugar


Ostriches are flightless birds that are not often found in the game. They are quite fast, so you should beware of them.

There are two types of ostriches:
  • Woman: shy, hides her head in the ground if they are cornered.
  • Man: just won't give up without a fight.

Hold a carrot in your hands to lure him. Use ostrich eggs to try to spawn a small ostrich. Someday he'll grow up to ride it..
  • Ostrich Spawn Egg (ID - 2803)
  • Ostrich egg (ID - 2743)


Zebras are very beautiful animals, which, as a rule, can be found in groups of 4 individuals. You can tame a zebra by feeding it wheat. After taming, you will be able to ride it. While riding, tap on the animal to make it jump.
  • Zebra spawn (ID - 2805)


Aquariums are created for home decoration. To put the fish in the aquarium, first you need to fill an empty tank with water, then press well the fish you want to put there.

Currently, you can't put an aquarium as a block, but the mod creator promises that this will be fixed in future versions.


The white shark, also known as the white death, is probably the most dangerous animal in this mod. Be sure that you swim fast when you see her in the middle of the ocean! She will try to eat everything that comes in her way!

With the help of shark teeth, you can craft a sword and armor.
  • Shark Sword (ID - 2762) - 4 shark teeth + 3 sticks
  • Shark Tooth Sword (ID - 2763) - 1 shark tooth + 3 threads

The hammer is a neutral shark. She will only attack when you attack first.

Other Animals

Turtles (spawn id: 2815) are the most beautiful creatures. Turtles are able to move on land and on water. Be careful, because one of the turtles may turn out to be a Notch turtle, it has the ability to explode if you get too close to it.

Tap the turtle with a carrot to tame it. After the turtle is tamed, you can put it on your head and get a resistance effect (2-3, depending on the size of the turtle). Just tap on it with an empty hand.

Armadillos (spawn id: 2823) are small animals with a leather armor shell. Use carrots to lure the armadillo.

Lions (spawn id: 2824) are big cats that look very cute, especially lion cubs, but they are not as harmless as they seem. They could be killing you.

A lion cub can be tamed with the help of bones. After a while, he will grow up to an ordinary lion.

Tigers (spawn id: 2825) are the largest species of the felidae family.

Like lions, tigers can be tamed with bones.

Velociraptors (spawn id: 2843) roamed the earth from 75 to 71 million years ago, but now you can meet them in the Minecraft PE universe! You can find them in the mountains and in the taiga.

Sometimes an egg will fall from a velociraptor when it dies. These eggs can be used to create their own velociraptor, which can then be tamed with the help of bones.

Chameleons (spawn id: 2806) are able to change the color of their body depending on the terrain in which they are located. Tame them with melon seeds. After taming, tap on the chameleon with an empty hand to put it on your head and get the effect of invisibility.

Whales (spawn id: 2832) are the largest animals in this mod. They have a lot of health and throw away a lot of fish after death.

There are also several different types of snakes in the mod (spawn id: 2847). Some of them are poisonous.

Stingrays (spawn id: 2834) are venomous sea creatures. They don't like people, so don't get too close to them, otherwise they will throw a sting at you (id: 2760) and poison you.

Blowfish (spawn id: 2842) are poisonous fish that will attack only for their own protection.

Jellyfish (spawn id: 2814) existed at least 500 million years ago, which makes them incredibly old living creatures. In Minecraft, they meet in groups. They are very poisonous, we do not recommend approaching them very close without special equipment.

Giraffes (spawn id: 2835) are the most recognizable creatures on Earth, because their neck is incredibly long, and their whole body is covered with brown spots!

Goats (spawn id: 2802) like to eat. They eat fallen objects, grass, bushes and flowers.

Gorillas (spawn id: 2836) are found in the jungle and usually live in groups (up to five monkeys). They are neutral creatures and if you attack one of them, then all the others will chase you and attack, protecting their kindred. Be careful!

Chimpanzees (spawn id: 2852) are small monkeys that can be found in the jungle. If you approach a chimpanzee, he will offer you a melon. To get a gift, tap on it with an empty hand.

Camels (spawn id: 2818) are not hostile animals and usually live in the desert, where they travel from one water source to another.

Black bears (spawn id: 2829) are big and hairy animals that should not be disturbed if you do not want to die from them. Cubs can be tamed with bones like wolves.

Moles (spawn id: 2816) can be found in forests, plains and in the taiga. Tap on the mole with a carrot to tame it. After you tame it, tap on it to put it on your head. This way you will dig faster and also get night vision.

Penguins (spawn id: 2844) can be found in cold places where there is snow. They really like to swim.

The snow seal (spawn id: 2840) is usually found in snowy biomes where there is water, because they like to swim. Seals are very fast in the water.

The common seal (spawn id: 2839) is found in warm biomes. They can be found both in the water (where they swim fast) and on land.

Deer (spawn id: 2812) are naturally afraid of humans. They'll run away if they see you. If you like to hunt, then this is the perfect solution for you. They are found in forests.

Chipmunks (spawn id: 2837) are fast little creatures that can be found in forests. They will run away from you if they see you. With the help of a carrot you can lure them.

The California Ground Cuckoo (spawn ID: 2846) is a very fast bird that will constantly run away from you.

Tame it with seeds (the heart particles indicate that the bird has been tamed). If you tap on a tamed cuckoo with an empty hand, then you will put it on your head, which will give you the effect of speed 3.

Lizards (spawn id: 2838) are small reptiles that are afraid of humans. They can be found in deserts, jungles, the Mesa biome and on hills.

Bison (spawn id: 2817) have a large body that is covered with thick fur. This allows them to live in cold places, but sometimes they also appear on the savannah

Alpaca (spawn id: 2801) looks like a small llama. First of all, they are bred to get fur. Perhaps we can cut their fur in the future. These animals can be found in extreme hills.

Rats (spawn id: 2841) are the most unloved creatures on earth. Some keep them as pets (not yet possible in this mod), while others "squeal" when meeting them. In this mod, they are just as big and aggressive.

Seahorses (spawn id: 2822) are cute sea creatures similar to fish. They are completely harmless.

Piranhas (spawn id: 2845) are deadly. A lot of people die every year because of them. Piranhas always attack in packs. We do not recommend to climb to them.

Leopards (spawn id: 2826) are among the largest animals of the feline family and are among the fastest. There are three types of leopards: snow leopard, panther and ordinary leopard. They can be found in jungles and in forests. The snow leopard can be found in the snowy mountains.

A leopard's child can be tamed with bones like a wolf.

Ducks (spawn id: 2848) are probably the most harmless animals in mod. They can only be found in swampy biomes.

Dolphins (spawn id: 2819) can be found in the ocean where they swim. They will be friendly towards you. Some of the dolphins are pink in color.

Wild boars (spawn id: 2849) can be found on the savanna, usually in groups of 1-3. They are passive to people, i.e. they will not attack you.

Crocodiles (spawn id: ID: 2851) appear in groups of three individuals. Crocodiles can kill you if you get too close to them!

If you get too close, it will bite you. This is one of the most dangerous animals you can meet.

Octopus (spawn id: 2831) appears in the water usually at the depth of the ocean.

Polar bears (spawn id: 2827) are hostile animals that can be found in snowy plains. A bear cub can be tamed with the help of bones, like a wolf. Over time, he will grow to the size of an adult bear and become your faithful pet bear.

Grizzlies (spawn id: 2828) are hostile animals that can be found in the taiga. Cubs can be tamed with bones, like wolves.

Panda (spawn id: 2830) is a type of bear that can be found in birch groves.


The mod will add 9 new birds to the game. It's a mix of some exotic, like a parrot, and some ordinary, like crows.

Fishing net

The fishing net can be used to catch small aquatic creatures. These creatures include squid, jellyfish, piranhas, seahorses and fish.
  • Fishing net (id - 2699) - 4 threads


Some of the animals can be killed in order to get their fur and skin, and then used to craft three different sets of armor.

Reptile Armor Set:
  • Reptile Helmet (id - 2778) – 5 reptile hides
  • Reptile Chestplate (id - 2779) – 8 reptile hides
  • Reptile Leggings (id - 2780) – 7 reptile hides
  • Reptile Boots (id - 2781) – 4 reptile hides
  • Reptile Hide (id - 2777) – falls from crocodiles and chameleons

A set of armor made of skins:
  • Hide Helmet (id - 2752) – 5 hides
  • Hide Chestplate (id - 2753) – 8 hides
  • Hide Leggings (id - 2754) – 7 hides
  • Hide Boots (id - 2755) – 4 hides
  • Hide (id - 2751) – dropped by black bears, mammoths, seals, chimps

Fur Armor Set:
  • Fur Helmet (id - 2765) – 5 furs
  • Fur Chestpalte (id - 2766) – 8 furs
  • Fur Leggings (id - 2767) – 7 furs
  • Fur Boots (id - 2768) – 4 furs
  • Fur (id - 2764) – falls from polar bears, pandas, snow seals

  • Horse (id - 2805)
  • Dolphin (id - 2819)
  • White shark (id - 2820)
  • Hammerhead Shark (id - 2821)
  • Sea stingray (id - 2834)
  • Piranha (id - 2845)
  • Velociraptor (id - 2843)
  • Snake (id - 2847)
  • Rat (id - 2841)
  • Mole (id - 2816)
  • Rabbit (id - 2833)
  • Penguin (id - 2844)
  • Turtle (id - 2815
  • Battleship (id - 2823)
  • Ostrich (id - 2803)
  • Duck (id - 2848)
  • Boar (id - 2849)
  • Tapir (id - 2850)
  • Giraffe (id - 2835)
  • Gorilla (id - 2836)
  • Goat (id - 2802)
  • Elephant (id - 2800)
  • Deer (id - 2812)
  • Camel (id - 2818)
  • Chameleon (id - 2806)
  • Bison (id - 2817)
  • Alpaca (id - 2801)
  • Little bird (id - 2807)
  • Ara (id - 2808)
  • Owl (id - 2809)
  • Seagull (id - 2810)
  • Crow (id - 2811)
  • Polar bear (id - 2827)
  • Grizzly (id - 2828)
  • Black Bear (id - 2829)
  • Panda (id - 2830)
  • Snow Seal (id - 2840)
  • Navy Seal (id - 2839)
  • Medusa (id - 2814)
  • Eel Spawn (id - 2813)
  • Squirrel (id - 2837)
  • Lizard (id - 2838)
  • Whale (id - 2832)
  • Seahorse (id - 2822)
  • Small fish (id - 2804)
  • Blowfish (id - 2842)
  • Lev (id - 2824)
  • Tiger (id - 2825)
  • Leopard (id - 2826)
  • Tapir (id - 2850)
  • Roadrunner (id - 2846)


  • Where can I find an animal?
    Each animal appears in a specific biome. Gorillas in the jungle, camels in the deserts, etc. If you can't find the animals, then make sure you have the latest version of BlockLauncher installed.
  • Will the animals be saved if I exit the game and log in later?
    Yes, it works in the latest version.
  • Why are there no horses in mod?
    They were removed due to the official appearance at 0.15.

Installing the Pocket Creatures mod:

  • Download the archive with the mod from the link below and unpack it.
  • Open BlockLauncher and go to settings.
  • Select the Texture Pack section and click Import.
  • Find the texture file and click on it to install.
  • Select the ModPE script section and click on Add.
  • Find the script file and click on it to install.
  • The mod is installed, have a nice game!
Last version: v2.4.1 для [0.14.x-0.15.x]
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download mod Pocket Creatures (.zip)
[747.92 Kb] downloads: 31661

Supported versions
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