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The Minecraft Beta and Preview! This week, the developers have made several improvements, as well as fixed various bugs. Details are in the post below and on the developers' website.


  • Chiseled Copper and their variants can now be crafted in the Stonecutter with Cut Copper
  • Copper Grates and their variants can now be waterlogged
  • Copper Grate doesn't turn into Waxed Copper anymore when being waxed

Experimental changes in Minecraft


  • Nether Gold Ore can now drop up to 6 Gold Nuggets (previously 5) when mined with an unenchanted tool, or up to 24 with Fortune Level 3 (previously 20)
  • Lapis Lazuli Ore can now drop up to 9 Lapis Lazuli (previously 8) when mined with an unenchanted tool, or up to 36 with Fortune Level 3 (previously 32)
  • The loading screen now displays 3 categories of tips based on player progression
  • Added the first iteration of the new Friends drawer feature (Online/offline friends as a list, Add friends button renamed Search for players, you have no friends empty state and improved text to speech)
  • Adjusted cost text in the Pocket Anvil UI to match the classic version
  • Music Disc name text now has the same color as enchanted items

New changes in Minecraft


  • Frosted Ice blocks no longer leave water in the world when mined with a Silk Touch tool
  • Turtle Egg, Frogspawn, Coral, and Coral Fan no longer spawn double the particles when mined
  • Beehive and Bee Nest can no longer be silk touched by an Enchanted Book with Silk Touch
  • Destroying a Bed through the bottom block now properly clears the spawn point
  • Ice, Packed Ice, Frosted Ice and Top Snow now send vibrations when mined
  • Campfire now correctly drops 2 Charcoal instead of 4 when destroyed by the player
  • Fixes a bug where the hotbar disappeared if you exited out of the customize touch controls screen with a non-touch controller input
  • Slabs and Stairs should no longer randomly start placing on the bottom when continuously building
  • Horses, Donkeys, and Mules now take fall damage when controlled by a player, except for worlds targeting base game versions before 1.20.60
  • Fixed incorrect block lighting after exiting water with the "Improved Input Response" option enabled
  • Fixed the issue that prevented the inventory from being navigated when using only a keyboard on mobile
  • Fixed the issue prevented stack splitting from being used when using a keyboard in touch mode
  • A bug making the "technical details" button on resource packs not leading to the technical details screen has been fixed
  • Fixed Beacon UI buttons going outside the window on smaller resolutions
  • Items from the inventory have the durability bar adjusted so it matches the one from the hotbar

Fixes in Minecraft

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