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The Minecraft Beta and Preview The Render Dragon graphics engine has received shader support, redesigned trading with a Librarians and Wandering Traders. In addition, various changes have been made and bugs have been fixed. Details are in the article below and on the developers' website.

  • Added «Villager Trade Rebalancing» toggle
  • Added «Render Dragon Features for Creator» toggle
  • Added Vertical Sync toggle to Video menu
  • The underwater fog in Cherry Groves now uses a transition that increases visibility after a while
  • Pickaxe can now quickly mine Pistons and Sticky Pistons
  • Updated the text when sleeping to better reflect the PlayersSleepingPercentage gamerule
  • Added a button to empty the search bar with one click

Minecraft changes

Librarian and Wandering Trader
  • Requires Villager Trade Rebalancing toggle
  • Librarians from different biomes now sell different Enchanted Books
  • Trading with a Librarian is no longer random, but depends on the skill level of the Resident
  • Master Librarians with full XP are guaranteed to sell a special enchantment, which is different in each Village biome
  • This means that players must visit all seven Village biomes to get the full set of Villager enchantments
  • There are two secret Village biomes where Villages do not generate
  • Wandering Traders now have lower prices and have a higher amount of each item in stock
  • Wandering Traders now sell Logs
  • Wandering Traders can now buy many items, instead of only selling

Render Dragon
  • Added the ability to change graphics on Android, Windows and Xbox
  • Render Dragon shaders support PBR materials, Primary lighting, Shadows (sun & moon), Bloom, Tone mapping and Atmospheric Scattering

  • Third person camera no longer clips through Snow, Mud, and Soul Sand
  • Stonecutter no longer drops as an item when using the wrong tool
  • Powering and unpowering a Redstone Repeater or Comparator no longer disrupts water flow
  • Shields now play a sound when equipped in the off-hand slot
  • Villagers are now prevented from gaining a profession when sleeping
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Raid boss bar to automatically deplete to zero when the Village was defeated
  • Entity names beginning with a number will now result in a content error

Minecraft fixes
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