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The developers have released the Minecraft 1.20.30 update, which has a number of interesting changes and improvements. Of course, Mojang's operational work eliminates bugs in a timely and uninterrupted manner and gives quick feedback to its regular fans.


  • Added the «Villager Trade Rebalance» experimental toggle
  • Added camera scripting APIs
  • Trading
    • Librarians from different biomes now sell different Enchanted Books
    • Master Librarians with full XP are guaranteed to sell a special enchantment, which is different in each Village biome
    • This means that players must visit all seven Village biomes to get the full set of Villager enchantments
    • There are two secret Village biomes where Villages do not generate
      • A player must build these Villages to access their trades!
    • Some enchantments have been removed from Village trading and must be found in other ways
  • Added Improved Input Response experimental video option
    • Only available for players on Windows
    • Reduces input latency

Minecraft 1.20.30 experimental features


  • Cherry Leaves will now generate particle effects at a relatively large distance based on system performance
  • Added a button to empty the search bar with one click
  • The Colored Terracotta, Concrete Powder, Stained Glass and Stained Glass Pane IDs has been split up into their own IDs
  • /camera command now is available without using experimental toggle
  • /recipe command now is available without using experimental toggle
  • Released command /scriptevent out of experimental
  • Amethyst Cluster now uses the minecraft:block_face block state instead of facing_direction
  • Slabs now uses the minecraft:vertical_half block state instead of top_slot_bit
  • Removed the suspicious stew from the Creative inventory
  • The Minecraft Preview application icon has been changed from a grass block to dirt
  • Changed the in-game logo for Minecraft Preview
  • The "Pause menu" has been renamed to "Game menu"
  • Renamed the "Lefty" touch option to "Left hand mode"
  • Moved "Sync Old World" button to the storage section
  • Changed the "Joystick Always Visible" and "Joystick Visible When Unused" touch options to "Joystick Visibility Option" dropdown menu
  • Updated the "Play screen"
    • The "Friends" tab and "Realms" tab are now separated, for clearer feature separation
    • The "Create New World" flow and "Create From Template" flow are now separated for a clearer path into the game
  • Hoglins now have their own sound when transforming into Zoglins
  • Husk now plays a sound when converting to a Drowned
  • Pig now emit sounds when transformed into zombified Piglin
  • Snow Golem now plays a sound when they throw snowballs
  • Killed Villager no longer drop items held in him hands
  • Witch now throws Healing and Regeneration potions at raiders during village raids
  • Zombie Villager now displays their rank in appearance
  • Diamond ore is now generated more frequently in the deepslate layers of the Overworld
  • Sculk Sensor and Calibrated Sculk Sensor can now detect the following events
    • Throwing an eye of ender
    • Minecarts, consistently when moving on rails while empty
    • Collecting fish, axolotls, and tadpoles with buckets
    • Cleaning items in cauldrons
    • Dying leather armor in cauldrons
    • Tipping arrows in cauldrons
    • Using dyes to change cauldrons' water color
    • Non-player actors event when equipping shields in their off-hand slot
    • Applying a nametag
    • Evokers summoning vexes or fangs
    • Chickens, frogs, and turtles laying eggs
    • Using bone meal
    • Chiseled bookshelves when books are inserted into them using hoppers
    • Extinguishing fire
    • Mounting or dismounting a vehicle
    • Rabbits eating carrot crops
    • Foxes eating sweet berry bushes
    • Unequipping armor
    • Placing a banner, bamboo sapling, lily pad, or a head
    • Placing frogspawns
    • Placing or adding sea pickles
    • Adding/destroying a turtle egg
    • Turtle eggs cracking

Minecraft changes


  • Changed the hardness and blast resistance of 188 blocks
  • Using shears on it now produces a carving sound
  • Using shears on it now produces a carving sound
  • Updated the /recipe command syntax
  • Updated the recipe notification for the Recipe book

Minecraft 1.20.30 vanilla parity


Fixed 125 bugs. The main ones are:

  • Fixed no anvil step sound
  • The discount for curing a villager is no longer multiplied if the villager is reinfected and cured again
  • Fixed no Trident channeling sound
  • Crossbow durability decreases after charging
  • Fixed missing sounds when a hostile mob shoots arrows or throws trident
  • Fixed bug when coral blocks take too long to break
  • Fixed adult Zombie Villagers use the farmer texture regardless of their actual profession
  • Fixed villagers which can change their profession in the night time/during raids
  • Fixed stuck swimming down/falling bug
  • Fixed Warden detecting falling items
  • Fixed crouch while flying in Creative with touch controls
  • Fixed Pig death sound upon being converted
  • Fixed bulk item crafting buggy
  • Fixed Backspace key
  • Top snow has inconsistent collision for dropped items
  • Structure void can't be targetted

Fixed bugs in Minecraft 1.20.30

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