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24-10-2023, 20:56 181 911

A new Minecraft release update has been released. The developers have prepared several important changes for trading with Villagers, made various changes and fixed bugs. Details are in the post below and on the developers' website.

Villager Trade Rebalancing

  • Cartographer
    • Sells 7 new maps
    • Each Map leads to a Village, Structure, or Biome
    • The Cartographer's maps depend on the biome
  • Armorer
    • Most master-level Armorers buy Iron Blocks (and pay very well for them)
    • Chainmail armor is exclusively sold by the secret Jungle and Swamp Armorers
    • The Savanna Armorer sells cursed diamond armor at reduced prices
    • The Taiga Armorer can swap one piece of diamond armor for another
  • Structure
    • Certain Enchanted Books now have a high chance of generating in some structures:
    • Ancient Cities: Mending 
    • Mineshafts: Efficiency (I to V) 
    • Pillager Outposts: Quick Charge (I to III) 
    • Desert Temples: Unbreaking (I to III) 
    • Jungle Temples: Unbreaking (I to III)

Minecraft 1.20.40 experimental changes


  • Updated structure icons on Explorer Maps sold by Cartographers
  • Added a sprint button for Camels when "sprint using the joystick" option is turned off
  • Autocompleting text now moves the caret to end of the line
  • Equipped enchanted armor now has an overall weaker glint, however its intensity more noticeably increases and decreases over time
  • Splash particles are now emitted at an actor's waist instead of above their head

Changes in Minecraft 1.20.40

Vanilla Parity

  • Changed the default value of the Respawn Radius in the Advanced Settings to 10
  • Falling from a great height while in a Boat no longer deals fall damage
  • Fall damage is now absorbed by the entity that lands on the ground when mounted and passed on to passengers if the mount dies
  • Goat Horns can now be heard up to 256 blocks away
  • Tweaked the boss bar HUD color
  • Flowing Lava and Water mixing mechanics now match Java Edition
  • Closing the inventory of Boat, Raft, or Minecart with Chest now emits vibrations
  • Zombified Villager curing time is now randomized between 3 and 5 minutes, to match Java Edition
  • Zombified Villagers now have the correct biome overlays
  • Witches now target players within a 16 block distance
  • Sheep that have been sheared previously and have since grown back wool will now drop wool on death
  • Camels can no longer dash while in Lava or Water
  • Iron Golems no longer spawn naturally in 2-block-high spaces where they would start suffocating
  • Iron Golems and Snow Golems now have a crumbling-like particle effect when they are created
  • Cartographers no longer offer exploration maps as a trade item when not in the overworld
  • Guardians and Elder Guardians now make flopping sounds when on land
  • Wither Skeletons now have their own unique sounds
  • Updated the sound that’s played when Wither Skeleton Skulls are placed on top of Note Blocks
  • The sound for picking up items is now played when using the ‘/give’ command
  • Stray Cats now play a sound when begging for food
  • Changes to Bottles
    • Bottles now emit sounds when filling from Water Blocks
    • Pouring water or potions from a Glass Bottle into a Cauldron emits the appropriate sound
    • Filling a Glass Bottle with Water or Potion from a Cauldron now emits the appropriate sound
    • Drinking from a Glass Bottle now emits the appropriate sound
  • Changes to water splash sounds
    • The ambient sounds for entering exiting water is now played only when actor is submerged below eye-level in water, matching Java Edition
    • The splash sound for entering water has been updated to match Java Edition

Minecraft 1.20.40 vanilla parity


Migrated fixes from Beta versions. Fixed more than 50 bugs.

Minecraft 1.20.40 fixes

Technical changes

Various changes have been made to the API for Add-On developers. Main changes:

  • Updated Add-on templates and documentation
  • Added new functions and properties

Technical changes in Minecraft 1.20.40

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