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Minecraft PE Beta 1.0
19-12-2016, 20:43 235 779
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Minecraft PE Beta 1.0

Creator: Mojang
Unexpectedly, the developers of Minecraft Pocket Edition released beta 0.17.0 for Android devices in broad daylight! The new version has new blocks, mobs, items, as well as the long-awaited End and the End Dragon!

The Edge and the Dragon of the End! We've been waiting for this for five years! And finally, it happened! Embark on new adventures with a new large-scale update Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.17.0!

Minecraft PE Beta 1.0

What's new in Minecraft 1.0 Beta?


  • The corus plant
  • Crystal Edges
  • Edge Chest
  • Edge Rod
  • Dragon's Head
  • Purple Block
  • Purple Pylon
  • Purple Plate
  • The Purple Staircase
  • Dragon Egg


  • Dragon Breath
  • The fruit of the corus
  • Cooked corus fruit
  • Settling Potions
  • The egg of the spawn of the schalker
  • Egg spawn of the Scaly Edge
  • Polar Bear Spawn Egg
  • Wings
  • Pearl Edge
  • Eye of the Edge


  • Polar bear
  • Scaly Edges
  • Schalker


  • Dragon Edge


  • The height of the worlds has been increased to 256 blocks
  • Measuring the Edge
  • City of the Region
  • Igloo in winter biomes
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