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Update of the beta version of Minecraft for Android. Various bugs have been fixed and some changes have been made.

Experimental Features
  • Removed black lines along the edges of Bamboo Fences and Bamboo Fence Gates (MCPE-163360)
  • Importing experimental blocks into a non-experimental world using the Structure Block will now correctly place unknown blocks, which are not interactable
  • Camels can once again overcome obstacles as high as one block and a half
  • Mangrove and Bamboo Hanging Signs are now placed correctly in the Creative Inventory

Experiments in Minecraft

  • Crossbow now shakes while charging arrows
  • Added a new 'Marketplace' icon to the Marketplace screen sidebar
  • Witches will drink a Fire Resistance Potion when standing on a Campfire
  • Players can now fall off of an edge while sneaking if not holding the sneak button

Changes in Minecraft

  • Impact sounds of projectiles on Amethyst blocks and clusters are now audible
  • End Gateways can no longer be used in Spectator Mode
  • Spawn eggs for Snow Golem, Wither, and Trader Llama now appear correctly in the inventory and hotbar
  • Summon command no longer causes some entities to be spawned in at an angle
  • Composter now always consumes an item when becoming full
  • Bells no longer break when a block is placed underneath or above them

Fixed bugs in Minecraft
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