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Minecraft Beta and Preview was released. In the new update, experimental and usual changes have appeared, bugs have been fixed, and the performance of the game has been improved.

Known Issues
  • Camera may be obscured when sneaking under blocks in third person view
  • Interacting with certain blocks may not work when sneaking in a gap
  • Jumping off the edge of blocks may not work as expected when sneaking in a gap

Experimental Features
  • Piglin Head Blocks rendered in the hotbar or inventory no longer have the ear overlapping the rest of the head
  • Players can now receive damage when falling while riding a Camel

Experimental changes in Minecraft

Features and Changes
  • Player’s hitbox height now reduces to 1.5 blocks while sneaking
  • Sneaking will automatically be initiated while stuck in a gap of less than 1.8 blocks
  • Sneaking will lower the player camera height respective of these changes
  • Sneaking now requires enough space to stand in order to exit sneaking
  • Players will transition from swimming to sneaking if they are unable to stand up but would be able to sneak

Changes in Minecraft

  • Players no longer take rapid damage when touching damaging blocks
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when entering a world in 1.8 or above
  • Projectiles shot while swimming/gliding no longer spawn from above the player's position
  • Items dropped while swimming/gliding, manually or on death, no longer spawn from above the player's position
  • The player's crosshair now properly mines/interacts with items in front of them while swimming/gliding, rather than 1 block above their position
  • Written Books can now be moved in the inventory even when the player has identical Written Books
  • Double-clicking on the Furnace output slot will no longer drop the item
  • Fixed a bug where Observers would not detect changes due to corrupted data
  • Hoppers now pull in items from above them through all blocks that have a lower height than a full block

Fixed bugs in Minecraft
«Download» implies the possibility of switching to Google Play or another service. You will need a purchased game license to install the update.

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