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In Minecraft developers focused on bug fixes and improving some functions.

Experimental Features
  • Chiseled Bookshelf now fills when player is dropping Books into the connected Hopper or Dropper

Experimental features in Minecraft

Features and Bug Fixes
  • Slimes and Magma Cubes no longer spawn in spaces that are 2 blocks tall or less
  • Raids now trigger properly when the player with bad omen enters a village while riding/gliding
  • Fixed item degradation when rapidly attacking mobs
  • Hoppers will no longer fail to collect items when trying to pull in multiple item types
  • Horses can no longer be pushed over Fences with Carpets on top
  • Vexes' hitboxes are now vertically centered with their models
  • The Vex now uses a separate charging animation when empty-handed
  • Vexes now render offhand items
  • Vex & Allay now sit properly in Boats and Minecarts
  • Fixed a bug that prevented items from moving indirectly between Creative Mode inventory and players' extended inventory in Pocket UI
  • Fixed a problem where the touch d-pad's forward button was not functional when holding the strafe left/right button
  • Feedback button on the main menu will now prompt the player with a modal before redirecting to their web browser

Fixed bugs in Minecraft
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