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9-11-2022, 19:52 35 833
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A small Minecraft Beta and Preview was released this week. Fixed some bugs and made minor changes.

Vex in Minecraft

  • Updated Vex model and texture
  • The Vex retains a slightly larger hitbox to make it easier to fight

New Vex model and texture in Minecraft

  • Fixed a bug where players could get moved to the other side of a wall when close to a retracting Piston
  • Fixed Beehives not gaining honey when a Bee with nectar exits
  • Made keyboard input consistent with other control modes when the player is flying and using touch controls. Now, double pressing the "Space" key can correctly disable flying in touch control mode
  • Fixed an issue which prevented items from being discarded in the extended Creative Mode inventory by dropping them on another item
  • Running ‘/execute align xyz entity’now produces a command error instead of crashing
    "input_ground_controlled" no longer implies increased auto step when controlled by player. The "variable_max_auto_step" component can be used instead. To have consistency with previous versions use "base_value": 1.0625 and "jump_prevented_value": 0.5625

Fixed bugs in Minecraft
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    Ммм та...я можу скачати тількі 1.19.31
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    Що робити якщо я удалив стару версію та все що з нею зв'язано но коли я хочу скачали то пишеця"обновити"та коли "обноввляю"то воно з чимось"конфліктує "хоть і не з кім...з Росією?вродь ні та в мене там все українською...та всюди все видалено,щоб воно просто скачалось
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    Можете скинуть apk с вырезоной музыка для 64 бит устройство
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