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Minecraft PE Beta
23-03-2022, 21:47 22 844
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Minecraft PE Beta

The developers have released a new beta version Minecraft and Minecraft Preview Added boats with chests, made some of the changes, but most importantly - added Deep Dark biome!

Deep Dark
  • Dig into the depths far underground to uncover the darkest biome in Minecraft - the Deep Dark
    • Dimly lit and eerie, the Deep Dark is sure to strike fear into the hearts of even the most brave player
    • The surfaces of the Deep Dark are covered in Sculk
    • The only mob that calls the Deep Dark home is the Warden
    • Please note: The Warden hasn’t made its way into the game yet, but it’s getting ready for its big debut!

Deep Dark biome

  • Vanilla Parity: Attacks with Axes towards a raised Shield will disable the Shield for 5 seconds

Boat with Chest
  • Function similarly to Minecart Chests, but in Boats instead, so you can take a journey on the water and carry your things with you
  • Crafted by combining a Chest with any Boat

Boats with Chest

  • Allay now has a delay for picking new items after delivering items
  • Allay will now only pick up the exact same item it holds
  • Allays will now stay close to a Note Block that has been played near it
  • Allay are now immune to damage from its owner

Note block and Allay

Data-Driven Items
  • Added an optional "mob_amount" parameter to the Damage Event Response that specifies a unique damage amount when used by mobs

Features and Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issue where sensitivity was too low in new touch control schemes
  • Fixed a case where the "Highlight Always On" option was visible for the 'Touch' interaction mode
  • Fixed issue where buttons for new mobile control schemes were too large and too high on some devices
  • Fixed underwater lava lakes not turned into Obsidian during world generation
  • Healing no longer causes a mob to be immune to damage
  • Fixed tick range check excluding chunks that were actually in range
  • Breaking a layer of snow placed in the same block as a flower no longer destroys the flower
  • Baby Hoglins now attack players
  • Double tapping the crouch button will no longer toggle fly mode
  • Fixed issue where sprint state was not resumed after hitting an obstacle when holding the Ctrl key

Technical Updates
  • Added in check to prevent an actor that is a passenger from being ridden by the vehicle it is on preventing an infinite loop looking for the root vehicle
  • Rotation when riding a mob that has a locked rotation will no longer unexpectedly snap to one side when that mob is rotating
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  1. Лисёнок
    Я угараю над Элеем а ещё Я впервые скачал 1.18 меня друзья еле столкнули с версии 1.16
    1. DEFender
      Понимаю) Меня досих пор никто не можете столкнуть с 1.16. Майн так быстро обновляется что я с ПРО на старых версиях, превратился на Нуба на новых версиях
  2. вурдон
    а варден добавлен наверное щаяс он скородобавлен наверное а точно ладка с сундуком можно с помощью ними идти на путеществию и ещё варден где акагда изменят скалк сенсор и скалк крикун❓
    1. 50011937
      Ты, че писать не умеешь?
    2. Dennn
      Он писать не умеет?
    3. Аноним
      Писать научись
      Расшифроваю этот текст.
      Опять вардена не добавили (наверное он скоро будет добавлен).А точно с лоткой с сундуком можно отправляться в путешествие и ещё варден где. Акогда изменят скалк-сенсор и скалковый крикун.
      1. АКСОЛОТЛЬ
        Пробел нажать забыл где А когда.
    Лол, кстати у некоторых очень прикольные звуки
    Медные козьи роги преобрели новую текстуру
    Элея переименовали в спешик (что за название🤣🤣🤣😂😂)
    1. Discko_1
      1. АКСОЛОТЛЬ
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