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Minecraft PE Beta
2-02-2022, 19:56 44 426
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Minecraft PE Beta

With the update of the beta version Minecraft, the developers have fixed a number of different bugs, and also made some changes to make the game work more stable.

Frogs, pistons and swamp

Experimental changes
  • Frogs now use jump animation only during the jump
  • Frogs can now be bred with balls of slime
  • The frog's health is now 6 units
  • Adjusted spawn of frogs in swamps
  • Frogs now jump correctly on small blocks, like water lilies
  • Frog caviar now breaks from pistons
  • Frog caviar now breaks if there is no water under it
  • Frog spawn now breaks from falling blocks
  • Frog eggs can no longer be placed above ground or underwater with the /fill command
  • Added cooldown time for goat horn

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug that caused custom skins not to be saved after leaving the wardrobe
  • The repair spell now correctly consumes experience
  • The drowned man no longer appears in places where the lighting level is above zero

Fixed bugs in Minecraft
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