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Minecraft PE Beta
18-11-2021, 19:45 206 564
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Minecraft PE Beta

Today, the developers have released another beta version Minecraft, which fixed various bugs and made some changes.

Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a bug with the transparency of food recharge
  • Food again imposes effects
  • Reaching the Steel stomach can be opened again
  • Farmer residents no longer collect more than 8 stacks of items
  • Fixed the appearance of goats in some biomes
  • It is now possible to use emotions on scaffolding
  • Copper blocks and their variants are now oxidized in the Container
  • Fire can no longer be placed on lightning rods
  • The player no longer takes damage from their own enchantments, such as the Thorn Enchantment
  • Fixed a bug with the camera when the player used the elytra and tried to get into bed
  • Fixed a bug with the purchase of coins when the counter was not updated

Fixed bugs in Minecraft

  • Fixed a bug with the generation of destroyed portals under oceans and swamps
  • Deep copper ore can now be generated in drip caves
  • Between Y=0 and Y=4, a deep shale is now generated when updating old worlds

Vanilla parity
  • The signal of the red stone from the music records has been adjusted
  • Bow shaking animation now appears only when the bow is fully stretched

Vanilla parity with Java in

Technical changes
  • Fixed the behavior of custom food
  • Changes have been made to the GameTest Framework
reload, if the code cannot be seen
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