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Minecraft Beta
18-08-2021, 18:34 16 344
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Minecraft Beta

Today, the developers have released a new beta version of Minecraft, in which they fixed various bugs and made some changes.

Changes in Minecraft

  • Fixed a bug when the player got off the mob at a negative height

  • Fixed the experience bar, now it corresponds to the Java Edition
  • Fixed a bug where the barrier block hitbox was missing when the player was not holding it in his hand
  • Barrier blocks now block projectiles
  • Fixed a bug where the player could interact with blocks behind barrier blocks
  • Shulker Boxes now drop their contents when destroyed as an item
  • Bows and Tridents are now more like Java Edition
  • Abandoned villages are now far rarer, more closely matching the Java Edition

Fixed bugs
  • Residents-cartographers will now sell maps only with undiscovered monuments
  • Fixed a bug that caused the crosshair to flicker in multiplayer
  • Updated content loading indicator from the market
  • The hotbar will no longer darken when anti-aliasing is increased
  • Fixed the position of the telescope in the user skin's hand
  • Fixed message output when trying to activate a set with incorrect compatibility
  • In the stonecutter and the weaving table, you can now hold on to the output slot to quickly get resources

Technical changes
  • Animations and events defined in behavior sets can now be invoked via commands
  • Changed the values of the potion name strings ("potion.prefix" and "potion.postfix" to "potion.name ")
  • Warning content errors now inform the player about problems with his language file if the format is invalid
«Download» implies the possibility of switching to Google Play or another service. You will need a purchased game license to install the update.

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