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Minecraft PE Beta
22-07-2021, 21:52 92 915
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Minecraft PE Beta

A new beta version of Minecraft has been released on Android. This update fixes bugs, makes some changes to the game and improves stability.

New in Minecraft


The update makes nice changes to the game:
  • The Spore Blossom hitbox now equal to the Java Edition
  • Projectiles in the distance now move more smoothly
  • When you cancel the recipe selection, there is now an animation
  • Lightning will no longer randomly hit mobs that are under the blocks
  • Powder Snow above undead mobs now prevents burning effect
  • Moss block and Moss Carpet are now destroyed when moved by Pistons, Sticky pistons can no longer pull them

Fixed bugs

The developers have fixed a number of bugs that were found by players in previous versions:
  • Optimized text insertion using Unicode characters in Books
  • Fixed a possible crash that occurred when creating a workbench with hints enabled
  • Fixed a bug with lighting large chests and beds
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to take fall damage when passing through the Edge Portal
  • Fixed a content error when holding from the Shield on maps from the game store
  • Fixed a bug with placing potions in cooking racks
  • Fixed a bug with duplicating Shulkers in the same position
  • Fixed a bug with finding paths for mobs when they stand on amethyst blocks
  • Fixed a bug with invisible horses when the player got off them
  • Adult goats no longer lose their Horns when the world is rebooted
  • Dripping water from the Dropper can no longer fill the potion pot
  • Fixed a bug with slowing down movement on blocks of slime and honey
  • Fixed output messages when using the '/structure'
Fixed bugs

Technical changes
The update makes useful technical changes for those who create addons and tests in Minecraft. Here is the most important of them:
  • Module "Minecraft" renamed to "mojang-minecraft"
  • The "GameTest" module has been renamed to "mojang-gametest"
  • Custom blocks can be added to the creativity inventory
  • The value from 'min_engine_version' from Behavior and resource packs is now passed to MoLang, which allows you to work with a specific version of the engine
  • Binding interface objects can now use the ignore field
«Download» implies the possibility of switching to Google Play or another service. You will need a purchased game license to install the update.
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    Исправьте 1 ошибку пусть там можно будет превращается во всех
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    Когда будет новая бета
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