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Minecraft PE 1.15

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Minecraft PE 1.15
Update Minecraft PE (Bedrock) Beta 1.15 is out and available for download! But no, this, unfortunately, is not a Nether Update! The developers decided to fix various bugs and make changes to the game from the Java Edition so that both versions match each other.

The article about Nether Update is available at Minecraft PE 1.16 Nether Update.

Some changes are listed below, the rest are available at the end of the page as a list.

The texture of the iron lattice has been updated and now fully corresponds to Java Edition!

Minecraft PE 1.15

Items now have 3D models if they were thrown away, rather than 2D as they were in previous versions of the game.

If you put the boat on a cactus, it will start to take damage and break down after a while.

Exploding Eye of Ender particles now correspond to Java Edition.

In update 1.15, there are new NPCs called. They can't walk, but you can interact with them.

It is very strange that they are available without the Education mode. Most likely, then, it will be fixed in the future. You can create a NPC as follows:
  • /summon npc
  • /summon minecraft:npc
  • /give @s spawn_egg 1 51

For an NPC, you can set a name and choose one of twenty appearance options.

In the dialog change window, you can specify the text that will be displayed to the player in survival mode.

The main feature is the Advanced settings of the NPC, which allow you to set commands.

If you enable The mode of the button and set the text below it, then the corresponding button will appear in the dialog box, pressing which will execute the command.

Minecraft BETA 1.15 Update

Updated: March 11, 2019.
Latest version:
What's new?:
  • Various errors have been fixed.

«Download» implies the possibility of switching to Google Play or another service. You will need a purchased game license to install the update.
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      Вычислитель 2.0
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      Вес приложения: 103,32 МБ
      Поддерживаемые ОС Android приложением: От Android 4.4 до Android 12
      Поддерживаемые видео ускорители приложением: Adreno, Tegra
      Поддерживаемый бит приложением: 64-bit
      На каких ОС Android не работает: Android 13, Android 14 (релиз этого ОС вышел в октябре 2023 года)
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