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Minecraft Translation [Android]
18-03-2017, 21:54 18 338
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Minecraft Translation [Android]

Creator: Igor Fromgate (Вконтакте)
Translations for Minecraft is a very useful application for Minecraft PE on Android, which allows you to transfer translations from the PC version to Minecraft Pocket Edition in a few clicks!

Minecraft for PC has been translated into 94 languages, while many translations are better than those included in MCPE. And the font itself will now be more pleasant than before.

This application downloads translations MCPC, combines them with language files MCPE and creates a new resource pack based on them, containing a combined translation file.

How to use?

Download and install the app, and then run it. Make sure your device is connected to the Internet.

Select the desired languages by clicking the corresponding button. Click Create a Resource pack and wait.

Minecraft Translation [Android]

Run Minecraft PE and activate the resource pack Minecraft Translations.

Restart Minecraft (alas, there is such a bug) and select the desired language in the settings menu.

The translation is installed! Now you will enjoy the game with a full translation and a nice font! =)

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