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Sniffer coming to Minecraft!
14-02-2023, 00:50 831
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Sniffer coming to Minecraft!

The developers have published an official announcement with the release of Sniffer for Minecraft: Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock in the near future.

The mob won the vote on Minecraft Live and became the favorite of the players.

Official news: minecraft.net/en-us/article/sniffer-coming-minecraft-120

Sniffer Features

  • In the first snapshots, betas and previews, the mob will receive only basic functionality
  • It will be possible to spawn Sniffer only through a spawn egg
  • Mob doesn't spawn in the world naturally and will become part of Archeology
  • Players will have to send Suspicious sand to the excavation
  • There may be an ancient egg in the Suspicious sand
  • Help the Sniffer to hatch
  • An adult mob will start sniffing out ancient seeds, from which the player will be able to grow new and unique ornamental plants!

Description of the Sniffer


Sniffer in the Desert
The sniffer is lying on the ground
Sniffer at sunset
Sniffer in the winter biome
Sniffer in the Village

New decorative plants:

New plants in Minecraft 1.20
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