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Archaeology will be added in Minecraft 1.20
11-02-2023, 01:32 851
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Archaeology will be added in Minecraft 1.20

On February 10, developers from Mojang Studio announced the release of a new mechanic for Minecraft — Archaeology. It was announced back in 2020, but the release will take place only this year.


  • Archaeology will add new blocks and a special Archaeological brush
  • Archaeological sites will appear next to deserted temples
  • In the excavation sites, players will encounter Suspicious sand
  • With a brush, players will be able to clear Suspicious sand, get pottery shards or random items
  • Four pottery shards can be used to craft a pot, while combining different patterns

It will be possible to try out Archaeology from February 15 together with the new Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot, Minecraft Preview and Beta.

Screenshots of Archaeology

Screenshot of the well and pot
Screenshot of a pot near the temple
Screenshot of pot options
Two clay pots
Clay pots near the house
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