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Fireflies will not appear in Minecraft 1.19
26-04-2022, 23:19 971
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Fireflies will not appear in Minecraft 1.19

On April 22, a video was released on the official Minecraft YouTube channel in which the developers talked about fireflies and frogs. Unfortunately, it seems that in Minecraft 1.19 update we won't see them.

Brief summary:
  • Fireflies are harmful food for frogs. Therefore, frogs only eat slugs and lava cubes. This way, players will not be able to feed the wrong food to frogs in the game and possibly in real life;
  • By eating fireflies, the frogs had to create Froglight. Now, this role is performed by small magma cubes;
  • Developers will need more time to rethink fireflies.

At the moment, the developers are focused on frogs, optimization and bug fixing. Wild Update will be released early this summer.

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  1. GIGN
    Воо это логика, лавовые кубы не вредная еда, а светлячки, да и тем более если их в реале покормят лавовым слизнем -_-
  2. Владимир Владимирович Владимируподобный
    Ну, ещё не было однозначно сказано, что их не будет в 1.19, так что ждём и надеемся...
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