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Mod: Roost
25-01-2023, 15:00 9 564
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Mod: Roost

Have you wanted to make your own chicken farm for a long time? This mod will allow you to create chicken coops and chickens from various ores and items that will carry these very items to you.

First you need to make simple chickens on a workbench. In the future, they will be needed to create complex chickens.

New chickens

To create complex chickens, you have to make a chicken breeder.

Crafting a chicken breeder

When interacting with the breeder of chickens, recipes for creation will be shown.

Chicken breeder on earth
Recipes for complex chickens

After you have created the desired chicken, you need to add it to the chicken coop in order for it to start generating the appropriate materials. Remember, the more chickens, the faster the result will be.

Chicken coop on the ground
Chicken coop recipe
Chicken Coop interface
The process of creating an egg
Egg with diamond
Chicken in the coop

Chickens from water and lava give eggs containing liquid.

Egg with lava
Lava and water

You can also catch a chicken that already exists in the game. To complete this, you will need a trap. All you have to do is find the chicken and catch it.

Trap recipe
Catching chicken
chicken follows player
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