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Mod: Ghost Block
23-01-2023, 15:30 2 339
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Mod: Ghost Block

If you've ever thought about making a hidden room in your hideout or making a trap for mobs, then this mod will help you. With it, you can create a ghostly block from an ordinary block and easily hide in it, create traps or pass through it making a secret passage.

Ghost blocks have the textures of ordinary blocks, so it's impossible to notice them. Compatibility with other texture packs will not interfere with the work of ghost blocks and will adapt to them.

To create a ghost block, you will need a workbench of souls, with its help, a ghost block is created. To create, you require any 4 boards and 2 sand showers.

Crafting a workbench shower

The crafting recipe is basic, just place the desired block in any crafting location and get a ghost block.

Creating a ghost block

Wooden ghost blocks are broken with an axe.

The sheep passes through the block
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