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Mod: My Waifus
19-05-2022, 17:49 9 787
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Mod: My Waifus

A lot of Minecraft players do not just love, but adore anime. Mod My Waifus is created for such fans. He will add 25 different anime girl characters to the game world. All of them have been well worked out and also have sounds.

Enable experimental features in the editing world.

The addon adds 25 new anime characters to the game. They can be found all over the world, as well as created with the help of objects.

New anime characters

Use cookies to make friends with the character.

Cookie and anime chan

After the character becomes your friend, you can ask him to stand still. Since these are ordinary mobs, they will constantly walk, in such cases you can use a leash.

Anime chan and leash

The player and some discs have been updated. Now you can listen to anime music.

Player and anime discs

The beds have also been updated.

Beds with anime characters

You will also find new items in the creative inventory. For example, you can create color particles with some of them.

Red color effects
Yellow color effects

And a pink jacket, a hat and a ring for the head are available for the character.

A character in a suit

The paintings were also updated. Now instead of vanilla paintings you will see anime characters.

Cards with anime girls
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod My Waifus (.mcaddon)

[45.56 Mb] downloads: 3123
Supported versions
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