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Mod: Brad's Mobs
27-02-2022, 04:21 16 132
Survival / Mobs
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Mod: Brad's Mobs

Mod Brad's Mobs will add many new and diverse mobs to Minecraft. Now you can start survival in a world where there will be butterflies, demons, scorpions and other amazing creatures.

Enable the experiment functions for the add-on to work correctly.

The Bug Eyed Monster

During the fight, try to keep it closer to the ground. The Bug Eyed Monster attacks in flight and causes a weakness effect for a few seconds.

Beetle-eye species


Butterflies appear all over the world. Butterflies have several texture variants that depend on the biome. They don't give anything, but it's nice to look at them.

Butterfly and trees


Dragonflies are similar to butterflies. If you were missing insects in the game, now there will be more of them!

Dragonflies in Minecraft

The Eyebat

The Eyebat has five options. The texture depends on the Nether biome in which it appears. These creatures fly peacefully on the Nether, making strange noises. After death, feathers and meat fall out.

Grey The Eyebat
Red The Eyebat
Purple The Eyebat


The Imp is a non-Browser version of the Bug-Eye. It does not cause effects, but its blows are much more powerful. Does not have a drop.

Flying imp in the Cave

The Lobster

Lobsters can be found at the bottom of the ocean and lobster meat falls from them. Cooked lobster meat is much more nutritious than beef, so it is perfect for satisfying hunger on long journeys.

Lobsters at the bottom of the ocean

The Meatball

A huge flying ball resembling a meatball. It appears all over the world, but very rarely. If you defeat him, you will get a lot of experience, skin, bones and rotten flesh.

Flying monster Meatball

The Cricket and the Grasshopper

The noisiest bugs! During the day, the crickets disappear and you can hear the chirping of grasshoppers, at night you will hear them singing.

Cricket at night
Grasshoppers jump


Three bird species were added — the robin, sparrow and jay. They love to sing!

Various birds in Minecraft

The scorpion

You can stumble upon a scorpion in the desert, savannah and jungle. He assumes a threatening pose if he gets too close. If you hit him, he will inflict a venomous bite.

Desert scorpions are distinguished by a white shell, jungle scorpions by a black one.

Black scorpion on earth
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download mod Brad's Mobs (.mcaddon)
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