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Mod: World Destroyer SE

17:40, 6 Feb 2022 14 019
Mod: World Destroyer SE
Do you need to quickly clear the territory of unnecessary blocks or do you want to have fun with friends and blow up the whole game world? Now with mod World Destroyer SE, 45 new TNT blocks will appear in Minecraft. Each block explodes in its own way, which makes the addition unique.

In the settings of the world, be sure to enable the experiment functions for the addons to work correctly.

How to get it?

All new TNT blocks are available in the Creation inventory, in the Creature Creation section.

New TNT blocks in the inventory

You can also use the search.

Search for TNT blocks

How to use it?

Put the block on the ground and use the flint to set it on fire.

Dynamite and flint in hand

After that, the block will explode.

TNT block explosion in Minecraft

The mod also adds hand grenades, they need to be held for throwing.

Hand grenades in inventory

Each such grenade has a specific function.

Hand grenade explosion and lava

Additional screenshots

Fire on a wooden house
A bunch of diamond blocks
A bunch of lightning bolts in Minecraft
TNT set explosion
Dynamite explosion in the End
Huge hole in the cave
Empty chunk after explosion
A thousand TNT blocks in Minecraft
Lattice tower

Supported versions
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  1. Аватарка гостя
    Флеш мен
    9:43 1 Apr 22
    Мод лагает дуже сильно!!
  2. Аватарка гостя
    19:32 8 Feb 22
    Какую мод надо скачиват?
    1. Аватарка гостя
      Хз кто
      16:58 10 Feb 22
      И тот и тот
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