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Mod: Endermine Technology
20-12-2021, 16:15 9 925
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Mod: Endermine Technology

Mod Endermine Technology adds various new items and blocks to Minecraft, allowing the use of End technologies. Use them to automate some of your survival processes.

First, create an End ingot.

End Ingot Crafting

From the seeds and pearls of the End, you can create the seeds of the End for the cultivation and extraction of pearls.

End Bushes with pearls
Crafting Pearl Seed End

Use four red dust, four chalky boxes and one diamond pickaxe to create a quarry.

Crafting block career
Type of career in Minecraft

You can also create a blocker to destroy the nearest block and automate some circuits.

Blocker in Minecraft
Crafting a blocker

If you are bored with stairs, you can create an elevator for faster and more convenient movement between floors.

End and elevator blocks in Minecraft
Elevator crafting

From shulker boxes, emeralds and the enchantment table, you can create an End table, which is used to create enchantment scrolls.

Golden table Края
Crafting a table Края
Crafting a table Края

The mob destruction unit is useful for automating the mob farm.

Mob Destruction Unit
Crafting a Mob destruction block
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Endermine Technology (.mcaddon)

[349.84 Kb] downloads: 2665
Supported versions
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