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Mod: Elingo's End Update

27-08-2021, 04:15 23 279
Mod: Elingo's End Update
With mod Elingo's End Update End in Minecraft will be completely updated and now it will not be so empty! There will be new ore, new food, trees, structures and much more.

This is a great addon because the End always seems empty, but thanks to it, the dimension will get a lot of new structures and useful resources!

To get started, you will need at least a diamond pickaxe to get a new one Enderite ore.

Enderite ore

During the extraction of enderite ore, raw enderite will fall out, which must be melted down to obtain one bar of enderite.

End Ore Ingot

You can also find iron and diamond ore in the End.

Iron and gold ore in End

Berry bushes of the End randomly appear throughout the dimension. You can get berries with scissors.

Berry bushes of the Region

End Structures
End Well

Structure End Well

End Ruin

The structure of the ruins of the End

End House

Structure of the End house

You can also get the trimmed End wood using any axe for this.

Hewn End Wood

Cracked Brick Ends

Cracked Brick Ends

Polished End Stone

Recipe for polished brick Ends

Polished End Stone Slabs

Polished plate recipe

Polished End Stone Stairs

Recipe for a polished staircase of the End

Mossy End Bricks

Mossy Brick End Recipe

Mossy End Brick Slab

Mossy End plate Recipe

Mossy End Brick Stairs

Mossy ladder recipe

End Boards

End Boards Recipe

End Plate

Recipe for wooden End plate

End Ladder

Recipe for wooden End stairs

You can also create farms and paths on grass End blocks.

Creating paths in the Region
Creating a farm in the Region

New ores
  • Enderite ore
  • Darkium Ore
  • Diamond Ore of the End
  • Iron Ore End

New ores in the Region

Enderite tools, armor and blocks
Enderite armor and tools are more powerful and durable than non-enderite ones.

End Armor Recipes

The Enderite Sword

The Enderite Sword

Enderite pickaxe

Enderite Pickaxe

Enderite axe

The Enderite Axe

Enderite shovel

Enderite shovel

Enderite hoe

The Enderite hoe

The enderite block

The Enderite block

The enderite nugget

The Enderite nugget

Recipes of the enderite ingot

An enderite ingot from the block
Enderite ingot

Darkium tools and armor
Darkium Sword

Darkium sword

Darkium pickaxe

Darkium pickaxe

Darkium Axe

Darkium Axe

Darkium shovel

Darkium shovel

Darkium Hoe

Darkium hoe

Darkium Helmet

Darkium helmet

Darkium breastplate

Darkium chestplate

Darkium pants

Darkium pants

Darkium boots

Dark shoes

Additional screenshots

New trees in the Region
Updating the End with the mod
New blocks in the Region

Last update: v3 (August 27, 2021)
What's new?
  • Wooden End tools and an enderite ingot can now be used as fuel
  • Improved and fixed bugs with tiles
  • Added End Door
  • Added End Hatch
  • Added End fruit soup
  • Updated some textures
  • Added Tear End

Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download mod Elingo's End Update (.mcaddon)
[187.89 Kb] downloads: 3411
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