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Mod: Project Mainland
22-11-2021, 12:00 10 525
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Mod: Project Mainland

Mod Project Mainland transfers dinosaurs to Minecraft and now you can resurrect them using new ore and special items.

Enable the experiment functions in the parameters of the world for the correct operation of the add-on. The mod is designed for version 1.17.X, it may not work on newer ones.

Amber ore

Amber ore is generated underground and amber falls from it, which is necessary for further crafting.

Type of amber ore

Creating DNA

After you get the amber, it's time to start creating DNA and dinosaur eggs.

Use a workbench and amber to craft dinosaur DNA. Note that crafting is random and you will get different DNA.

Crafting DNA in Minecraft

When you have four identical DNA, you can create a genome.

Genome Crafting in Minecraft

From a chicken egg, you need to craft an empty egg.

Crafting an empty egg in Minecraft

Use the dinosaur genome and the empty egg in the workbench to get the dinosaur egg.

Crafting Dinosaur eggs

Growing a dinosaur

When you have a dinosaur egg, place it on the ground.

View of a dinosaur egg in Minecraft

Wait a bit or use the command /event entity @e[r=3] hatch_ankylosaurus to hatch a full-fledged dinosaur from the egg.

Ready dinosaur in MCPE

After a while, the dinosaur will grow to an adult. Each dinosaur has a unique behavior. For example, a pterodactyl can fly, an ankylosaurus attacks with its tail.

Mosasaur in Minecraft
Triceratops in Minecraft
Pterodactyl in Minecraft
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Project Mainland (.mcaddon)

[4.21 Mb] downloads: 3533
Supported versions
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