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Mod: Health Expansion
16-11-2021, 02:11 15 560
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Mod: Health Expansion

Are you bored with ordinary survival and think that hearts (health) in the game is too easy to restore? In this case, try out mod Health Expansion, which will update the mechanics of the hearts in the game and add two new modes.

Several add-on options are available for download. Check out the modes and choose the most interesting one for yourself.


  • The player starts his survival with 10 health points
  • Every death takes away one heart
  • The heart item gives the player one heart (maximum 40)

  • The player starts his survival with 1 health point
  • Each death gives the player one heart
  • If a player gets 10 hearts, he turns into a ghost
  • The heart item takes away the heart, but brings the player back to life

  • The player starts his survival with 10 health points
  • If one heart remains and the player dies, he turns into a ghost
  • Each kill gives one extra heart
  • The heart item restores one heart to health
  • Enter the command .withdraw to take away one health and get it as an item

Simple crafting

Simple health crafting

Regular crafting

Normal health crafting

Craft survivability

Crafting an item живучести

Vampirism Crafting

Crafting an item вампиризма

How to use it?

Take the object in your hand and eat it.

Item usage animation

How does vampirism work?

  • It is recommended to enable the experiment functions for the correct operation of the add-on
  • The mod uses the player.json file, so it may be incompatible with other add-ons
Supported versions
reload, if the code cannot be seen
  1. Аватарка гостя
    Не парьтесь и качайте лёгкую версию. Иначе потом настрадаетесь... Заранее желаю удачи, если вы решите поставить режим "сложно", и посчитаю вас психом при выносливости + сложно...
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