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Mod: CianoKakuna's Furnitures
26-09-2021, 02:43 10 093
Furniture / Blocks
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Mod: CianoKakuna's Furnitures

Mod Cianokakuna's Furnishings adds new furniture that is based on entities, so some furniture blocks even have certain functionality. Another distinctive feature is that all the furniture has three-dimensional models, preserving the vanilla style of the game.

The mod works on the version Minecraft 1.17.30 and higher.

Living room
  • Dragon Sofa
  • Mini sofa with dragon
  • TV in the form of a Wither
  • TV in the form of a Guardian
  • Lamp in the form of an Axolotl
  • Phantom Table
  • Bone Chair
  • Wither Chair
  • Vagrant Chair

Decoration of the living room with a mod

  • Shulker shower
  • Shulker bathroom
  • Shulker toilet bowl
  • Shulker shell
  • Blue Axolotl Lamp

Bathroom decoration with a mod

  • Caller's mailbox (can be opened)
  • Witch Table
  • Gaming Chair
  • Cabinet
  • Modern lamp
  • Blue Table lamp
  • Gaming laptop

Bedroom decoration with a mod
Bedroom decoration in front with a mod

  • Locker (can be opened)
  • Table
  • Sink (can be opened)
  • Oven (can be opened)

Kitchen decoration with a mod

How to get furniture?

Blocks are available in the inventory of creativity, but if they are not displayed, then use the command /give @p cka: to get a block of furniture.
Supported versions
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  1. Аватарка гостя
    Крутой мод, очень прикольно!
  2. Аватарка гостя
    Крутой мод, очень прикольно
  3. Аватарка гостя
    Крутой мод, очень прикольно!
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