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Mod: Ex Nihilo
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Mod: Ex Nihilo

Mod Ex Nihilo is based on the mod of the same name for Minecraft: Java Edition and will add new features for those who like to survive and use various means to obtain resources in Minecraft.


The staff is a new tool created from sticks.

Crafting a staff in Minecraft

Interact with the foliage to get new items that will be useful in the future.

Staff in Minecraft


Interact with the foliage by holding the staff in your hand to get the silkworm. Interact with the silkworm foliage to infect ordinary foliage. When the foliage turns completely white, use a staff and you will get threads.

Silkworm in Minecraft
Silkworm tree in Minecraft


Barrels are used to create mud. This is especially useful if you play on the SkyBlock map. You can use seedlings, silkworms or other crops to fill the barrel and create dirt.

Craft barrels in Minecraft
Barrels in Minecraft


Hammers are used to crush certain blocks.
  • Gravel falls out of the cobblestone
  • Sand falls out of the gravel
  • Dust falls out of the sand

Crafting a wooden hammer
Crafting a Stone hammer
Crafting an iron hammer
Crafting the Golden Hammer
Crafting a diamond hammer
Crafting a netherite hammer


Sieves are used to get resources from certain blocks. You will also need a grid to use it. Different grids give different resources.

Sieve Recipe:

Crafting sieves in Minecraft

String Grid:

Crafting a string grid

Flint Mesh:

Silicon Mesh Crafting

Iron mesh:

Crafting iron mesh

Diamond Mesh:

Crafting Diamond Mesh

Place the sieve and interact with it by holding the grid to place it in the block. If you want to return the mesh, just break the sieve.

A sieve in Minecraft

You can sift through various blocks and get new resources from them.


Oak crucible

Crafting an oak crucible

You can put seedlings or foliage in this crucible to create some water.

Wooden crucible in Minecraft

Use a bucket to collect water.

Collecting water from the crucible

Clay crucible

To create a clay crucible, you will need porcelain clay.

Crafting porcelain clay

After that, you will be able to create an unbaked crucible.

Craft of unbaked crucible

Now burn this crucible in the furnace.

Fired Crucible

How to use the crucible?

Crucibles are used to create lava. First, you need to place a heat source:
  • Torch (speed x1)
  • Lava (speed x2)
  • Fire (speed x4)

Using the Crucible in Minecraft

When the crucible is filled with lava, use a bucket to collect it.

Collecting lava from a crucible


Use a hammer on the sand to turn it into dust.

Dust block in Minecraft

Grass seeds and ancient spores

Grass seeds
Ancient seeds


When sifting, pebbles can be obtained.

Stone pebbles are used to create a cobblestone.

Crafting pebbles in Minecraft

Andesite pebbles are used to create andesite.

Crafting granite pebbles in Minecraft

Diorite pebbles are used to create diorite.

Crafting diorite pebbles in Minecraft

Granite pebbles are used to create granite.

Crafting granite pebbles in Minecraft

Ore pieces

The ore pieces fall out during sieving, and they are used to creating raw ores.

Piece of copper ore
A piece of iron ore
Piece of gold ore

In the world settings, do not forget to enable the experiment functions.

World settings for Minecraft mod
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download mod Ex Nihilo (.mcaddon)
[1.51 Mb] downloads: 13315
Supported versions
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