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Mod: Tinkers' Construct
1-08-2021, 00:37 35 050
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Mod: Tinkers' Construct

Tinker's Construct is a Java mod, first created now and for Minecraft PE! This mod adds new tools and weapons to the game with many combinations of materials!

The game will feature six new tools with 64 different combinations! Materials that can be used: wood, stone, flint and iron.

To create tools, you will need workstations.

Craft station. This unit works as a workbench.

Mod: Tinkers' Construct

Stencil table. This block is required for making different patterns.

Designer of parts. This unit is necessary for the manufacture of parts for tools.

Instrument station. This block is used to combine parts to create tools.

The forge of tools. This unit is basically an upgraded tool station that will soon be able to manufacture more advanced tools such as a Cleaver or Hammer.

Now let's see what tools you can make.

Pickaxe. The pickaxe is the main mining tool. This is the simplest method of processing rocks and mining ore. This tool is the equivalent of a pickaxe from the masters.

A hatchet. A hatchet is the main tool for chopping wood. This is the easiest way to shape lumber. This tool for craftsmen is the equivalent of a vanilla axe, but it is able to cut through the leaves effectively without losing strength.

Broadsword. Broadsword is a defensive weapon. This is a favorite weapon of many masters, which can be used in a variety of situations. This weapon is the equivalent of a vanilla sword for masters.

A long sword. A long sword is an offensive weapon. It is used to attack at full speed and break through enemy lines. This sword is less powerful than a broadsword, but it can push you forward with the help of lunge mechanics.

Shovel. The shovel is the main tool for digging. This is the most common way to move the earth. This tool for craftsmen is the equivalent of a vanilla shovel.

Mattock. Cutter Mattock is a universal agricultural tool. Its main purpose is tillage. It also works as an axe and a shovel, but does not replace either. This tool is a combination of an axe, a shovel and a hoe, however, it cannot mine everything that these tools can do.

This feature is necessary for the manufacture of tools made of metals and alloys. It is somewhat different from its Java equivalent because it doesn't need a fixed form, but it can be used this way.

Grout. This block is needed for the manufacture of fired bricks. It is made of gravel, sand and clay.

Burnt brick. This item is used to make fired bricks or the main components of a foundry.

A block of burnt bricks. Basically it is a decorative block, and its appearance can be changed by placing it in the crafting grid several times.

Melting plant controller. This unit is the main component for the foundry. To activate it, one bucket of lava is required, which is enough for 9 remelts. It is capable of melting at least 2 identical materials at the same time. It can melt iron, copper, cobalt, ardite and manulline. Molten metals can be obtained using a bucket.

The back of the melting furnace controller shows what is melting at the moment.

Foundry table. This unit is necessary for the foundry and allows you to make castings and metal parts, as well as ingots, using buckets for molten metal.

Alternatively, you can use a simple casting table that shows all her recipes.

Foundry pool. This block is used to make blocks of molten metals by pouring 9 buckets of material into a casting table.

The burnt tank. This unit can be used to store lava or any molten metal.

Melting pot models. Due to the freedom to create any mold you want, it can be difficult to find a suitable mold for your melting furnace, so here are some ideas.

A classic foundry. This is a regular melting furnace that you saw in the Java Edition, and it works in this version. The space in the middle can be another place to store lava.

Compact foundry. This is the easiest way to melt metals if you have few resources.

The wall is a foundry. This is a big smelter if you have many resources and you are ready to use the whole wall for your dirty deeds.

The pipe is a foundry. This is another small melting furnace if you have few resources, but it can look like a pipe if you live in a house with high ceilings.

New materials
As mentioned earlier, cobalt, ardite and manulline are the 3 newly added materials that will eventually be used to make tools.

Cobalt. This is a rare ore that is located in the Nether and is generated between levels 0 to 64 in the Y-coordinate.

Ardite. It is also a rare ore that can be found in the Nether, between 32 and 128 blocks in Y-coordinate.

Manullin. It is created by combining cobalt and ardite either in a smelter controller or in a fired tank.

Additional features
Dryer. This unit is used to dry raw foods and rotten meat and turn them into cooked meat. It will take about 5 minutes for each product to dry. Currently, such products as rotten flesh, raw beef and raw pork are dried.

Experimental features
To access all the functions, be sure to check enable these parameters:

Supported versions
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