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Mod: Advanced Farming
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Mod: Advanced Farming

Mod Advanced Farming is aimed at improving farming gameplay mechanics. With him in Minecraft tractors will appear , thanks to which the process of working on farms will improve, in addition, goats will appear, giving milk and new meat.


This is the most useful thing for your household! With it, you can more easily plow the beds, plant and harvest! To create a tractor, you will need a lot of iron. If you want to have your own tractor, then first of all we recommend going in search of iron!

Tractor in Minecraft
Tractor from behind in Minecraft
Tractor from the side
Tractor view in Minecraft

Tractor parts
To create a tractor, you need its parts. Each element is created separately.

Tractor Body

Crafting the tractor body

Tractor Roof

Tractor roof Crafting

Tractor Rear Wheel

Crafting the rear wheel

Tractor Front Wheel

Crafting the front wheel

Tractor Rear Wheels on Axis

Tractor Rear Wheels on Axis recipe

Tractor Front Wheels on Axis

Tractor Front Wheels on Axis recipe

Tractor Steering Wheel

Crafting the steering wheel tractor


Station View

Crafting Stations:

Crafting a workstation

Workstation interface
The workstation interface is similar to trading, but you won't need emeralds or other resources. Use the parts of the tractor to assemble it in stages as a whole.

Workstation interface
Workstation interface 2
Workstation interface 3
Workstation interface 4

Tractor features
  • If you drive the tractor into water, lava or fire, it will be destroyed, the tractor will fall out in the form of an object.
  • To destroy the tractor, you need to hit 5 times.

3D tractor equipment

Tractor elements have full-fledged volumetric models that look very realistic.

3D tractor elements
3D tractor elements 2
3D tractor elements 3

The models are also worked out and displayed in the first person.

3D model of the object in the first person
3D model of the object in the hand from the first person

And this is how they look from the third:

3D model of a third-person object
3D model of the object in the hand from a third person

Tractor equipment

To use the tractor on the farm , it is necessary to create some additional tools that can be attached to the tractor itself. Each equipment has its own purpose. To equip a tractor with them — sit down, take an object in your hand and interact with the tractor.

Let's go through the list of available tractor tools.


Using the mower , you can clear the landscape. This equipment can mow down high and low grass, plants and even dead bushes. It is very convenient that various objects are also dropped — seeds, flowers.

Mower on a tractor

Mower Recipe:

Craft mowers


The plow allows you to plow the land, remove tall grass and flowers during plowing. In addition, the plow automatically moistens the soil, but remember that without water, it will eventually begin to dry.

Plow on tractor

Plow recipe:

Plow recipe


This tool is useful for moistening beds, which may dry out over time. Use a sprinkler to keep the soil moist longer!

Sprinkler on tractor

To activate this tool, you need to use a bucket of water on the tractor.

Turning on the sprinkler on the tractor

Sprinkler Recipe:

Craft Sprinkler

To create a sprinkler, you need a hose (it has no functionality):

Hose crafting


Allows you to collect all grown crops. Items will automatically drop out, so they can be quickly collected.

Combine harvester on a tractor

Combine recipe:

Combine recipe


The wrench can be used to disconnect the equipment from the tractor. Sneak up and interact with the wrench on the tractor to unhook the tool from it. The item will drop out, and you can pick it up.

Crafting a wrench

  • /function give_tractor_tools — gives the player all the aforementioned tools
  • /function help_tractor_tools — displays the instructions for using each tool in the chat

Tractor water consumption

The tractor needs water when using the sprinkler. One bucket of water gives 8 levels of water to the tractor. One level is consumed every 120 ticks (6 seconds). Accordingly, one bucket of water gives you 960 game ticks (48 seconds) to use the tool.

The tractor has a water indicator. It displays the water level of your tractor and will be automatically updated, it is located to the left of the steering wheel.

Water in the tractor

Tractor refueling

The tractor can only run on biofuel, which consists of organic materials (beets, potatoes, foliage and other vegetation). To create this fuel, you will need three machines: an oil extractor, a biofuel compressor and a biofuel filter.

Tractor player
Player rides in a tractor

How to use the machines?

To use the machine, you need to pour special fuel into its tank. After the fuel is in the car, you will be able to use it. During operation, the car has an animation, so you can understand when it will run out of fuel.

To destroy the car, you need to hit it five times. Three are enough with a pickaxe. If you put an item in a car and then destroy it, an item will fall out of it.

Take the right canister in your hand and interact with the right machine to put an object in it. Below you can see how each machine is created and looks like, as well as what materials are suitable for each of them!

Oil extractor

It is used to extract vegetable oil from sunflower. Just put a canister and a sunflower in it!

Oil extractor

Oil Extractor Recipe:

Crafting Oil Extractor

Canister Recipe:

Craft canisters

Vegetable oil:

Vegetable oil in Minecraft

Biofuel compressor

The biofuel compressor is able to combine organic material with oil, producing unfiltered fuel. Just add vegetable oil and organic materials to this compressor!

Biofuel compressor in Minecraft

Biofuel compressor recipe

Crafting a biofuel compressor

Organic materials

Organic material from foliage
Organic beetroot material
Organic potato material
Organic material from poisonous potatoes
Organic carrot material

Unfiltered Fuel

Unfiltered fuel in Minecraft

Bio-Fuel Filtrator

The last car is the final step in filtering unfiltered fuel. Just put unfiltered fuel and filter paper in this biofuel filter!

The type of filter in Minecraft

[b]Biofuel Filter Recipe:

Biofuel Filter craft recipe

Filter paper

Filter Paper crafting


Biofuels in Minecraft

Tractor refueling

After creating the biofuel, take it in your hand and interact with the tractor.

Tractor refueling with a oil

Fuel consumption

The tractor can take up to 64 units of fuel. Each biofuel canister refuels the tractor for 8 units of fuel, every 120 game ticks (6 seconds) the tractor consumes one fuel. If you want to refuel the tractor completely, then you will need 8 cans of fuel, which will allow you to ride it 7680 game ticks (384 seconds).

To the right of the steering wheel there is a fuel sensor , with which you can find out the current fuel level.

The green sensor reports that the tractor has more than 32 units of fuel.

Fuel sensor
Fuel consumption on the sensor

The orange sensor reports that the tractor has more than 16 and less than 32 units of fuel.

Orange sensor on the tractor
The red sensor indicates that the tractor has less than 16 units of fuel.

Red sensor on the tractor

The only animal in addon is a goat, which gives meat, but it also drops a new delicious and very satisfying meat. With a small chance, the wool may fall off it.

Goat in Minecraft
Getting goat's milk

There are three variants of the goat: black, brown and red.

Orange version of the goat
Brown and black version of the goat
Black version of goat
Brown version of the goat

Goats love to eat grass. They have a separate animation when eating grass!

If you hold wheat, carrot or apple in your hand, then goats within a radius of 6 blocks will start following you. You can feed two goats with this food so that a little goat appears!

Goat eats grass in Minecraft

Goat meat

Raw goat meat restores hunger by 4 units, and cooked — by 7.

Recipe for cooked goat meat

Cooked beetroot

Restores hunger by 3 units.

Recipe for cooked beetroot

Cooked carrots

Restores hunger by 4 units.

Recipe for cooked carrots
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