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Mod: Hot Wheels Technetium
27-08-2021, 01:07 5 497
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Mod: Hot Wheels Technetium

Do you like Hot Wheels cars? Mod Hot Wheels Technetium will add a new neon-style car with high speed, so you can quickly overcome obstacles in the world Minecraft!

Transport creation eggs are available in the Creative Mode inventory.

Screenshots of the machine

Machine forward
Car behind
Car on top
Interior of the Hot car Вилс

There are two versions of the car: toy and regular. If you want to ride the toy version, then use the invisibility potion.

Machine Versions
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One

Download mod Hot Wheels Technetium (.mcaddon)

[810.9 Kb] downloads: 1510
Supported versions
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