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Mod: Survival Planes
28-01-2022, 18:14 54 882
Plane / Survival / Cars / Armor
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Mod: Survival Planes

With the Survival Planes addon, you will have the opportunity to create a variety of new planes in survival mode. In total, there are 38 airplanes variants in MCPE, there are repairs, improvements, pilot equipment and much more.

Aviation workbench
This is the most important block in this add-on, which is used to create airplane parts, costume and equipment.

Aviation workbench recipe


The pilot's suit (helmet, breastplate, pants, boots) is a special suit that has the same protection as iron armor. The pilot's helmet gives night vision for 15 seconds every time you put it on.

Minecraft Pilot costume recipe

  • Fuel (Fuel): you can drink it, but there are strange side effects
  • Propellant Key: increases the flight speed by 2 times within a few seconds, has 15 uses
  • Repair Kit: Restores 30 health units, disposable

Equipment recipes


Recipes for items for airplanes


Wooden airplane
  • Speed: 0.17
  • Number of seats: 1
  • Inventory: 2
  • Health: 10

Wooden plane

Gold biplane
  • Speed: 0.20
  • Number of seats: 1
  • Inventory: 5
  • Health: 15

Golden plane

Lapis lazuli biplane
  • Speed: 0.25
  • Number of seats: 1
  • Inventory: 10
  • Health: 20

Lapis lazuli aircraft

Redstone biplane
  • Speed: 0.30
  • Number of seats: 1
  • Inventory: 7
  • Health: 25

Plane made of red stone

Copper plane
  • Speed: 0.35
  • Number of seats: 1
  • Inventory: 10
  • Health: 30

Copper plane

Iron plane
  • Speed: 0.40
  • Number of seats: 1
  • Inventory: 15
  • Health: 35

Iron plane

Diamond plane
  • Speed: 0.45
  • Number of seats: 1
  • Inventory: 20
  • Health: 40

Diamond plane

Emerald plane
  • Speed: 0.50
  • Number of seats: 1
  • Inventory: 25
  • Health: 45

Emerald plane

Netherite airplane
  • Speed: 0.55
  • Number of seats: 1
  • Inventory: 20
  • Health: 50
  • Has immunity to fire, lava and projectiles

Netherite airplane

Iron airliner
  • Speed: 0.40
  • Number of seats: 10
  • Inventory: 15
  • Health: 35

Iron airliner

Aviation forging table

Used to create every detail needed to improve aircraft.
  • Ski (Float)
  • Skis (Floats)
  • Extension

Recipes for improvements

  • Expanded Airplane — adds additional seating for players and mobs

Mod: Survival Planes

Amphibious aircraft allows you to land on water.

An amphibious aircraft of increased size includes all previous improvements.

Aviation anvil

Used to repair all aircraft.

Crafting an aviation anvil

To repair the aircraft, you need to put two repair kits and the aircraft itself.

Aircraft repair in Minecraft

Aircraft control
To begin with, the plane needs to be refueled. Take it in your hand and interact with the plane to replenish the tank. The fuel will last indefinitely until the plane is destroyed.

When the aircraft is refueled, the color of the cockpit panel will change from red to green.

To take off, move forward and look up, look down to begin the descent.

Take in hand Fuel key and use it to speed up the plane.

To fix the aircraft, use Repair kit.

When an aircraft is destroyed, it will drop an item that can be used to create basic aircraft and upgrades.

Last update: January 28, 2022.
What's new?
  • Fixed bugs
  • The plane will no longer take off if there is no fuel in it
  • Engine sound now turns on only when there is fuel and a passenger
  • Added Realms support
  • Added a version without grifering

Supported versions
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