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Mod: Bunch o' Sculk
8-10-2021, 01:06 33 964
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Mod: Bunch o' Sculk

The Bunch o' Sculk mod will expand your cave exploration capabilities and is a new take on the update Minecraft 1.18. With this addon, new unique mobs, blocks and items based on Sculk blocks and acoustic sensors will appear in the game.

New mobs

Sculk Mite: is a small four-legged mob that has not much health and weak damage.

A Sculk block in Minecraft

Sckulk Lurker: a cave predator resembling a crocodile. It does a lot of damage with its jaws, so try not to make noise if you meet this mob.

Skalk-a stealth in Minecraft

Sculk Sentry: one of the most dangerous Sculk mobs.

Warden: a mob that will appear officially in the upcoming versions of Minecraft.

Warden in mod for Minecraft

New blocks

Sculk block: the main material is a Sculk created from some living creature.

Sculk block in Minecraft

Sculk Catalyst: distribution source Sculk.

Sculk Jaw: if you step on it, it does little damage, rarely generated throughout the game world

Sculk Vein: easily destructible material that allows the dead Sculk to spread.

Sculk Core: is generated randomly in the overshoot, a shell of a Sculk and a shell is formed around the core, all hostile mobs nearby will receive a speed effect

Sculkcite Shell: is formed around the core of the Sculk and is a durable material.

Sculk Tendriles: appear on the Sculk Chute

Dead Sculk Body: it is possible to create a Sculk from the converted blocks after the destruction of the Sculk core.

Mod: Bunch o' Sculk

Cut Polished Dead Sculk Body: decorative block

All other blocks cannot be obtained in survival mode without a silk touch charm

New Sculk blocks in mod

New items

Sculk: an ordinary item falling out of Sculk blocks.

Sculk Plate: falls out of a Sculkcite trough or shell with an iron, diamond or netherite pickaxe, used to create armor

Sculk Tooth: drops out of a Sculk trap. Used to create armor and sword.

Soft Sculk boots: have low protection and durability, but are useful because they block vibrations

Sculkcite Chestplate: very durable armor, great for exploring deep caves

Sculkcite Helmet: has weak protection, but looks great on the outside!

Sculkcite Sword: moderate damage, dealing more damage to skalk mobs

Sculk Tendrile: falls out of the Sculk antennae and is used to create a radar

Sculk Radar: a sonic device that uses Sculk antennae to search for other creatures or Sculk cores within a 20 block radius

Plush mobs

You can also create toy versions of mobs from this add-on.

Plush mobs from 1.18


Plush Sculk Lurker
Plush Sculk tick
Plush Sculk sentry
Plush Warden

In editing the world, enable the experiment functions for the mod to work.

Enabling experiment functions for mod operation

Last update: October 8, 2021.
What's new?
  • Sculk blocks added to creativity inventory
  • Removed Sculk generation due to crashes
  • Renamed blocks
Compatibility: Android / IOS / Windows 10 / Xbox One
Download mod Bunch o' Sculk (.mcaddon)
[720.36 Kb] downloads: 5608
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